RK3568 Development Board


rk3568 embedded Development Board

DB3568 is using Rockchip RK3568 processor, a high-performance and low power quad-core application processor designed for personal mobile internet device and AIoT equipments. It supports almost full-format H.264 decoder by 4K@60fps, MPEG4 decoder by 4K@60fps, also support H.264/MPEG4 encoder by 1080p@60fps.Used in commercial display, security, industrial control and other fields.

  • rk3568 ARM board

    High Performance

    CPU adopts 4-core A55 architecture processor, integrated G52
    graphics processor, and built-in independent NPU,
    computing power of 0.8TOPS
    (For Al video, simple face recognition) 8M ISP

  • rk3568 AIoT Development Board

    High Reliability

    Industrial-grade motherboard design,
    strict quality control, 7*24h uninterrupted
    continuous stable operation

  • rk3568 
 single board computer

    High Scalability

    The equipment adopts standard interface, rich interfaces:
    LVDS, EDP, SATA, M.2, USB3.0, multiple USB2.0 interfaces, HDMI IN (MIPI),
    HDMI OUT, GTIOT, SPDIF, RF, 40Pin-XP, Double Gigabit Network Interface

  • rk3568 SBC Linux Android 10

    Multioperating System

    Android 10.0 and Linux(Buildroot/Debian/Ypcto)


High Cost Performance, Low Power Consumption

DB3568 has a high-performance external storage interface, can maintain a high demand for memory bandwidth, support with cost-effective LPDDR4X,can effectively reduce the power consumption of the product

Support Double Gigabit Network Port(RGMII0/RGMII1)

Support double gigabit transmission rate, can support the use of dual network segment Internet

rk3568 Development board with dual GbE

rk3568 AI SBC with 2-way MICPHONE

Voice Noise Reduction

Support multi-channel MICPHONE, multi-MIC matrix can be used for noise reduction,
Meet the meeting to pick up the pitch requirements of the scene

M.2 Interface

M.2 supports the PCIE3.0 (8Gbps) protocol and is backward compatible with PCLE2.1
and PCIE1.1 protocols.Supports dual pCLE X1 mode or single pCLE X2 mode

rk3568 AI Development Board with SATA3.0

Adopt SATA3.0 Interface

Compatible with mainstream hard disk interface, facilitate customer data reading and
writing,support larger storage space and faster transmission rate

Remote Device Management

Remote wake up, restart, standby and other operations

rk3568 custom solution with remote management

APP Customization Service

Personalized GUI customization services

rk3568 solution with customization services

Application Scenario

rk3568 AI robot solution

Al robot

rk3568 face recognition solution

Face recognition

rk3568 POS solution

Smart POS machine

rk3568 display solution

Business display integrated equipment

rk3568 retail solution

Vending machine

rk3568 smart home solution

Smart home

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