Rockchip RK3568 Industrial Motherboard


rk3568 arm board

K3-3568 is an intelligent industrial motherboard with high performance and stability, it adopts Rockchip 64-bit processor RK3568, integrates dual core architecture GPU and high performance NPU. The board can support 8G LPDDR4, support Android 11.0/ Linux. The board has LVDS\eDP\MIPI\HDMI and other display interfaces,support the multiple networks: WIFI6, 4G/5G. It support the Tuner Module, which is convenient to play real-time TV programs, record and playback TV programs. It support HDMI IN Module, which can realize the PIP function, up to 4KP30. It support Mic arrany, which can realize the functions of far-field speech, noise suppression, echo elimination. Geniatech provide open source SDK, which make easy to secondary development, as well as customized apps for customers.

Support Multiple High-speed Networks

Surport Wifi6 (802.11 ax), 5G(5th generation),support BT5.0 (optional), MiniPCIE (4G LTE).

rk3568 board with wifi6 5g 4g bluetooth

Support Microphone Array

The Mic arrany can pick up the speech, which can realize the function of far-field speech, noise suppression, echo elimination to achieve clearer speech function.

rk3568 embedded boards Support Microphone Array
rk3568 display boards Support LVDS, eDP, HDMI OUT and HDMI IN

Support HDMI IN , This Can Realize The PIP Function.

Support HDMI OUT and HDMI IN (optional),support LVDS/MIPI/eDP panel, used in commercial display, security, industrial control, and other fields.

High Performance

K3-3568 is built in the Soc of RK3568, 64-bit, Quad-core ARM CortexA55, Neon and FPU. The board support LPDDR4 up to 8G. RK3568 integrated high-performance NPU, which can be used AI applications.

rockchip rk3568 solution

Rich Interface

rk3568 industrial motherboard with lvds,mipi,edp, m.2

rk3568 single board computer with digital tv tuner

Tuner Module

The function of tunnel, it is convenient to play real-time TV programs.


Supports Multiple Operating Systems  

Stable operation of Android, Linux operating system, reliable performance.

Android and Linux single board computer

Support Personalized Customization

Customization single board computer

The hardware configuration is optional

CPU/ memory/storage /WIFI+ Bluetooth

Industrial motherboard sdk

Provide secondary SDK development

Provide SDK secondary development customers can compile their own sensitive requirements

how to manage android devices remotely

MDM Customization (Remote device Management)

Remote collection of device status information and control of the device (firmware update, uninstall/install APK, restart, standby/wake up, real-time advertising……)

Industrial motherboard odm

The APP customization

It is safe, fast and low cost to easily meet the requirements of customers

Application Scenarios  

Business in-line conferencing equipment; Video surveillance equipment (codec performance); Online education equipment; Transportation public display equipment; Intelligent buildings, shopping mall and supermarkets display scenes, intelligent retail machines; Factory workshop and other industrial control display equipment.K3-3568 is a Industrial single board computer mainly used for commercial display devices. Wide temperature specifications can be available, so the board can also be used industrial control applications and Harsh outdoor environment.

arm industrial arm board application

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