RK3399 Industrial Tablet PC

business tablets

  • Multi-operating System

    Support Android 7.1 and above, Linux system

    rugged android tablet
  • Dual Screen Different Display

    The display of itself is different from HDMI output

    industrial tablet
  • High Reliability

    Industrial main board design,
    quality control, 365*24H continuous work without exception

    industrial android tablet
  • High Scalability

    Rich device interfaces, expandable access to different devices

    tablet for business use
  • Remote Device Management

    Can remotely wake up, restart, standby, etc.

    oem tablet manufacturers
  • APP Customization Service

    Personalized GUI customization service

    custom android tablet

Super Performance

Large and small core architecture, Six-core (Dual-core ARM-A72+quad-core ARM-A53), 2.0GHz core configuration, extreme performance, let the product to be fluent and have more possibilities

rugged industrial tablet

Built in TV Tuner

More suitable for hotel, sports equipment and other scenes

Main Board Specifications

industrial tablet pc

Screen Specifications

Display from 10.1 to 65 inches,
resolution from 1280*600 to 4K screen
industrial tablet computer

Commercial Android Tablet

All-glass Capacitive Screen

10 points touch, short response time

Application Scenario

  • all in one business computer
    Digial Signage
  • touchscreen display
    Smart Self-service Terminal
  • touch screen monitor
    New Retail Smart Rerminal
  • ruggedized tablet pc
    O2O Smart Device
  • best tablet for industrial use
    Robot Equipment
  • touch screen panel
    AI Equipment
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