4G Industry IoT Gateway


GTW361 is 4G industrial-level Internet of Things gateway launched by Geniatech. It adopts industrial-level standard chip structural design,open system architecture, easily realize access and customization of third-party platforms. Support multi-protocol fusion, easily realize industrial equipment data collection and equipment remote maintenance. Support 4G, WiFi, Ethernet and other network access. support ZigBee, BLE, Z-Wave, LoRa and other mainstream Internet of things connection. unique software algorithm to achieve safe and reliable network communication.

Industrial gateway solution

Strong edge computing power

ARM Cortex-A7 processor, up to 900MHz main frequency, 512MB RAM, 8GB eMMC storage, for realizing the powerful performance resources for the field equipment data storage, data management, data pre-analysis, real-time response, agile connection, intelligent analysis.

edge computing platform

Multiple network access modes

Provides multiple network access modes to achieve stable, reliable, and uninterrupted network access. Users can choose flexibly according to the site working environment.

network connectivity

Open system architecture design

Adopt a mature, stable and scalable Linux Yocto system to support remote debugging, third-party SDK access, Python secondary development, third-party cloud platform access and customization.

open source iot gateway

Multi-protocol fusion, easily realize ad hoc networking

Compatible with MQTT, HTTPS, CAN, ModBus and other mainstream industrial protocols, support ZigBee, BLE, WiFi, LoRa and other common iot connection modes, combined with wireless communication encryption technology, to ensure network security and stability, easy to achieve AD hoc network.

protocol converter

Rich extension interface

Onboard RS232, RS485, RJ45, GPIO, CAN, WiFi, USB and other interfaces, and reserved interface expansion board, to meet the various equipment in different ways of access, convenient for later interface expansion.

m2m communication

Strong data acquisition and control capabilities

Through RS485, CAN, GPIO and other industrial control communication interfaces, industrial equipment, sensors and acquisition terminals are connected to achieve fast two-way transparent transmission of industrial control communication interface data to 4G, Ethernet, WiFi networks, and fast access to various cloud management platforms.

data collection

Industrial-grade hardware standard, super-long and stable operation without downtime

Industrial grade all-metal shell, industrial wide temperature design, built-in hardware watchdog, ESD electrostatic protection, EFT pulse interference, surge anti-interference, pulse group multiple protection, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment in the harsh environment.

industrial iot solution

Not only hardware omni-directional one-stop customization service

With more than 20 years of ARM product research and development precipitation and technical resources, gold Asia Pacific not only provide customers with hardware function and custom design, can also provide across SoC platform operating system transplantation, BSP kernel cutting and drive debugging, scenario-based application software development, the overall system software test, perfect SDK secondary development of one-stop advisory services, with the company nearly 3 square meters of production factory, help customers greatly shorten the project from product selection, research and development, small trial production to mass production delivery cycle.

Custom iiot gateway

Applicable scenarios

Traditional instrument wireless meter reading, intelligent vehicle, Internet of things, intelligent agriculture (intelligent irrigation, meteorological monitoring), wisdom city (traffic management, intelligent lighting), intelligent manufacturing (automated production line, numerical control system), energy monitoring (solar energy monitoring, electric car charging pile), environmental monitoring (water quality monitoring, sewage treatment), etc.

industrial iot platform Application
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