ATSC 3.0 Gateway


  • ▪ Real time on the fly converts live TV to thinner stream for more efficient stream and better playback support on portable devices, especially when the wifi max through output is down
  • ▪ DTV Netstream Air makes digital/cable TV simply part of your home network
  • ▪ Watch Digital / Cable TV?on every tablet, smartphone ,Mac and PC in your home
  • ▪ Enjoy digital/cable TV in the garden with no cabling required
  • ▪ Watch, pause, and record TV on your devices using software
  • ▪ Easy setup with iPad, iPhone or Android
  • ▪ HD channels also available on tablets and smartphones thanks to hardware transcoding

DTV Netstreamer Comparison
DTV Netstreamer is a network TV tuner for digital/cable television live on all the Macs, PCs and iPads on your home network. DTV Netstream Air connects to your TV aerial and to your router via Ethernet to stream digital/cable television to your computers, tablets and smartphones.If you have a rooftop antenna, the computers do not need to be near an antenna outlet. In a Wi-Fi network you can watch TV wirelessly. Thanks to automatic hardware transcoding, DTV Netstream Air brings unencrypted HD channels directly to your tablet or smartphone – without overloading your home network or mobile device. Premium EPG service support.
ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Gateway
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