Smart Home/Commercial IoT Gateway


GTW351 is a multi-functional smart home business IoT gateway, Highly integrated wireless communication (WiFi2.4G / 5.8G, ZigBee) processing power, It can also be extended via USB connection to an external RF module.Using the GTW351’s WAN or LAN ports to access the network, you can implement the home wireless router function, Also can easily build smart home network, provides RS485/232, GPIO, Mod Bus interface, combination of ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE, and WiFi enables remote data acquisition and remote control, using industrial-grade wireless technology and the highest level of encryption to ensure smart home network security. Widely used in smart home, communication, intelligent medical treatment, gateway of Internet of Things and other solutions.


Using MT7628 scheme

the frequency up to 580MHz

Optimized memory usage

to minimize resource usage


IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n
IEEE802.11 ac


Integration of

wireless network protocols

network interface

implement home network routing

The mature, stable and extensible

OpenWRT system

is adopted

Unique software algorithms

ensure network security

for connecting USB storage devices and for connecting new RF modules

Provide industrial

RS485 / RS232
CAN / Mod Bus


Customization for
special applications

open API interface

Popular Connectivity

Support for different popular connections including ZigBee, BLE, WiFi, Can also support industrial RS485, RS232, Mod Bus. You can also add a new RF module through the USB port.


Support external RF module (ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE, 4G)

Easy to Use, Easy to Setup

Connect to your home network using WAN, LAN, WiFi or 4G to internet, you can easily remote control smart devices in your home

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

With the built-in rechargeable battery, connection to smart sensors will stay on even power is cut off accidentally.

High Security Standard

Using industrial grade wireless technology and highest level encryption to ensure your smart home network security

Application Scenarios

Traditional instrument wireless meter reading, remote intelligent display system, intelligent vehicle, Internet of things, etc

Software and Hardware Customization Service

Other customized services + supply chain

Shell structure customization

Carrier board function customization

Provide SDK for secondary development

Mass production service

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