IoT Gateway

Geniatech portfolio of industrial IoT gateways offers highly customizable and cost effective connectivity solutions for IoT devices. Industrial IoT Gateways bridge the gap between edge and cloud by collecting, processing, transfering and standardizing data from sensors, I/O devices, and PLCs before sending it to the cloud. Geniatech gateways platform interfaces with Zigbee, BLE, WM-Bus, Z-WAVE, LoRa, Wi-Fi, 4G/3G/2G cellular networks and other communication protocols. Our IoT gateway also supports secondary development, and with SDK/APIs, customers can develop their gateway applications or integrate cloud platforms.

Why Geniatech IoT Gateway?

Geniatech IoT Gateway offers a fully customizable ODM/OEM solution, supporting multiple protocols and clouds platforms. Its ready-to-use features reduce development costs and accelerate time to market, making it a reliable and scalable platform to unlock the full potential of IoT.

Multiple Protocols

Our innovative intelligent gateway integrated with protocols including Zigbee3.0, Z-wave, LoRa, Bluetooth4.0, WiFi and LTE

High Compatibility

Our programmable smart gateways are able to integrate to most of clouds or platforms

Support Application Development

We are able to support on both hardware and software, help you to develop custom applications in the fastest and easiest way.

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