Industrial Internet of Things Edge Computing Gateway


Edge Computing Gateway

GTW810L uses NXP’s latest generation of embedded Multi-core application processor i.MX8M Mini (A53+M4), offering industry-leading audio, voice, and video processing performance while maintaining a low-power design. On the practical side, GTW810L enables customers to quickly Design, Debug, and Deploy.

High Reliability

  • Selectived external interfaces: MIPI CSI/DSI,SPI, PCIE,SDIO, etc
  • Metal aluminum shell, Compact and Portable
  • Wide temperature optional: Consumer and Industrial control
  • Applied to the operation and demonstration of algorithm DEMO
edge computing gateways

High Performance

2GB LPDDR4(1-4GB Optional)+8GB eMMC5.1(8-128GB Optional)

edge computing IoT gateway based on NXP

Generic Connection

GT-LOT interface is a dedicated interface developed by Geniatech for IoT. You can add new RF modules through GT-LOT interface or USB port and support existing popular connections such as: Z-Wave, BLE5.0, WM-Bus, Lora, ZigBee3.0, LTE, 3G.

Edge Gateways for IoT Z-Wave, BLE5.0, WM-Bus, Lora, ZigBee3.0, LTE, 3G
iot edge gateway

Rechargeable Battery

Choose to use the built-in rechargeable battery version, it can stay connected to the smart sensor even if the power is accidentally cut off.

open edge gateway

Selective Universal Interface

The independent LORA interface is compatible with common LORA modules at home and abroad, Open pin definitions to allow customers to develop the onboard functionality as required (customization is acceptable).

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System Diversity

Supported systems: Android, Linux, Yocto (Linux)

IIoT Gateways for Edge Computing support Android Yocto (Linux)

Application Scenarios

Edge calculation, industrial control, audio and video,

Software and Hardware Customization Service

Industrial Compute gateway for OEMs
Other customized services + supply chain

Edge Computing Solutions with customized services
Shell structure customization

edge computing devices ODM
Carrier board function customization

edge computing products SDK
Provide SDK for secondary development

mobile edge computing platform deployment
Mass production service

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