• Raspberry Pi Like Board

    Geniatech XPI series single board computers are the best industrial Raspberry Pi alternatives for high performance and low power projects, use the form factor of Raspberry Pi, offer optional Industry-grade SoCs, which are designed for companies developing commercial products

  • E-Ink Tablet with Stylus

    KloudNote is a professional e-notebook and e-book reader. KloudNote combines the simplicity and comfort of reading and writing in real paper with the ease of access of digital notes. KloudNote is how we learned to be productive in school and is how our minds enter a creative space that is free from distraction. KloudNote can visit the past notes and the e-book you have browsed at any time and any space. At all, KloudNote can satify business peoples, student, teachers, editors, etc all the needs and experiences of note taking and reading.

  • Full Line ARM Devices

    We design and manufacture SOM,SBC, STB,developer boards,gateway,mini PC, media player,tablet PC,smart display, smart camera and smart scaler board bases on Rockchip,NXP, Amlogic,Realtek and Qualcomm ARM SoCs.

  • IoT Gateway Solution

    Need your existing devices to be connected to each other? Leave it up to us! We offer multiple solutions that could help you bring your devices together to the IoT.

  • Geniatech TV Box

    We offer more than you could imagine! Geniatech’s TV Box Series provide high definition entertainment with plenty of excellent functions. They can be widely used in hotels, hospitals and commercial environments to help your customers to enjoy their time.

An Introduction to Smart Lighting
Technology advances are converging today to create lighting solutions that provide you with responsive control to occupant activities.
Smart Retail
Smart Retail solution is a complete suite of AI-based video analytic products for the retail environment. Brick and …
Worker Safety
IoT technology can increase workplace safety by identifying potential hazards before they become problems. Sensors …
Smart Farming
IoT is bringing revolution to almost every aspect of our lives by changing how we do things. The use of Smart IoT …
Smart Education
Support multi-video hardware decoding@1080P@p30 / Multiple peripheral access / Support multi-platform & …
Health Care
Are you looking for a device with a different feature set for your business?We can customize our devices to meet …
Digital Signage
Are you looking for a hassle-free, plug-and-play digital signage solution that does not require significant budget approvals …


Eink Android tablet with stylus
E-Ink Android Tablet with Stylus
Kloud Note

Rockchip RK3588 Development Board
RK3588 Development Board
RK3399 Industrial Mini PC
Android Tablet PC Touch Screen
All in One Touch Tablet PC
5″/ 7″/ 10.1″/ 15.6″/ 21.5″/ 32″/ 55″
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Geniatech is a a global ODM/OEM manufacturer for digital TV and smart IoT devices, we focuses on providing one-stop solution of multimedia and wireless technologies with hardware and software designs based on all operating systems.
Our products include OTT/IPTV Android TV box, industrial mini PC, commercial tablet, E-Ink display, IoT gateway and sensor box, ARM development board, video capture card, tv tuner, content management system, device management system and hotel TV systems.
Geniatech is the best Android TV box manufacturer
Custom R&D Services
Geniatech is experienced in developing products that are customized to meet complicated application demands in a variety of industries.
Value-added Services
In addition to product research, development, manufacture and delivery, Geniatech provides customers with value-added services.
Wide Range of Products
Geniatech provides a full range of smart equipments and innovation solutions based on NXP, Qualcomm, Rockchip, Amlogic and Realitek SoCs.
High Quality and Reliability
Based on a rigid system of standardized quality control, and the close co-operation with leading company in many industries.