Open Source, Scalable, Size-L Solderable Module


NXP iMX8MM OSM LGA system on modules

The SoM-IMX8MM-OSM core board is an embedded System on Module developed according to the latest OSM (Open Standard Modules™) standard released by SGeT (Standardization Group for Embedded Technology eV). It adopts NXP’s iMX-8M-Mini processor with 2GB LPDDR4 and 8GB eMMC storage.LGA package design, without connectors, can be directly soldered on the functional carrier board, which is more stable. The design of OSM-L is adopted, which is small in size, low in power consumption, and has rich functional interfaces for expansion. It can be configured with suitable development boards according to actual applications. It can be flexibly used in related fields such as Industrial Internet of Things and AIoT.

OSM Standard

OSM standard

The SoM-IMX8MM-OSM is developed according to the latest OSM (Open Standard Modules™) standard released by SGeT (Standardization Group for Embedded Technology e.V) .

Size-L OSM form factor

Small size, low cost embedded computer module

Bulid with 45*45mm “Size-L OSM” form factor.

LGA package

Pre-tinned LGA package

Solder PCBs directly without connectors.

Open Source design

Open source design

Pre-defined Software and hardware interfaces.

Modular Embedded Computing

For a growing number of IoT applications, this standard helps to combine the advantages of modular embedded computing with increasing, requirements regarding costs, space and interfaces.

High Reliability

The SoM-IMX8MM-OSM equipped with an NXP i.MX 8M Mini processor, up to 8GB LPDDR4, 32GB eMMC flash or 512MB NAND flash.i.MX 8M Mini is NXP’s first embedded multi-core application processor built with advanced 14LPC FinFET process technology, which can provide higher speed and higher power efficiency. The i.MX 8M Mini series has commercial and industrial-level certifications, and is supported by NXP’s product life plan, and can be used in any general industrial and IoT applications.

Environmental Applicability

According to the actual use environment, there are industrial and commercial specifications to choose from: Industrial wide temperature version: -40~85 degrees; commercial version: 0~70 degrees.

wide temperature arm som

662 ball grid contact points

Abundant Application Interfaces

662 ball grid contact points, which can be expanded into a wealth of application interfaces.

Flexible Carrier Design

It can be configured according to different product types and applications, and the product can be quickly customized.

Flexible carrier design

Supported System Diversity

Supported system diversity

android yocto linux som

Application Scenarios

Home audio/video systems, machine learning, vision, multimedia and industrial internet of things.

core board Application

The Product Has a Long Life Cycle and can be Supplied for a Long Time

i.MX 8M Mini is included in the NXP product long-term supply plan, with a guaranteed supply period of at least 10 years, aiming to ensure stable product supply for your embedded design.

Software and Hardware Customization Service

som customized services
Other customized services + supply chain

customization system on modules
Shell structure customization

Carrier board function customization
Carrier board function customization

Provide SDK for secondary development

SoM Mass production service
Mass production service

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