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Customization Advantages

Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

Strong supply chain resources

Located in Shenzhen, we gather more than 80% of the supply chain companies in China.

Experienced Engineering Team

With over 20 years of development and numerous custom projects, our engineers have accumulated extensive experience and know-how in intelligent hardware design.

Rapid prototyping

We have close partnerships with SoC company, and have own factory, allowing us to quickly produce samples in line with client requirements.

Abundant production lines

We provide one-stop customization services such as Multi-ARM SoC vs Multi OS BSP, driver porting, application software development; SDK and API for further development; ODM/OEM manufacturing and after service with longevity; ID/MD 3D design and Mockup.

Scalable Manufacturing Capabilities

Multiple SMT production lines with an monthly capacity of 1 million sets

Standardised manufacturing processes

Rigorous project management processes and strict project process checks to ensure project progress and quality

Comprehensive Product Certification

We have long-term partnerships with certification agencies. We offer product certification and rectification services, including FCC, CE, UKCA, and KC certifications.

Extremely Flexible Business Models

We offers highly flexible business models when it comes to customization services. We support ODM, OEM, and more, fully respecting and safeguarding our clients' intellectual property rights.

Customization Type

Different Types of Customization Available

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Based on the rich standard product system, Gemplus provides comprehensive hardware customization services, from hardware selection, schematic design, interface customization, PCB layout to industrial structure design, to meet the requirements of customers to achieve stable, reliable and cost-effective embedded hardware customization within a shorter development cycle, to help customers achieve rapid, efficient and low-cost product development

SoC Selection:Experienced engineers from Geniatech can recommend and select suitable hardware solutions for you according to customers’ actual application areas and product requirements, taking into account factors such as performance, power consumption, cost, and delivery time, which greatly saves your time and energy, and at the same time, reduces the risks and losses caused by improper product selection.

Schematic Design:After years of experience, we have established a complete set of design process and multiple review mechanisms, and strictly follow the basic principles and design specifications throughout the design process to ensure the correctness and reliability of the schematic.Meanwhile, we provide schematic support for completed projects.

PCB Layout:More than 20 years of professional PCB Layout experience, accumulated a wealth of successful cases, to provide PCB design, board making, placement of the whole process of services, through the quality of each link in the quality control and process control, to achieve the overall quality control, to exclude the risk of each link.

Interface Customization:We provide interface customization including storage interface (SSD, SATA, Flash, SDRAM, DDR, SD/SDIO/MMC,etc.), multimedia interface (LCD, MIPI, CSI, LVDS, HDMI, Audio, etc.), and expansion interface (USB, Ethernet, CAN, Bluetooth, WiFi, PCle, SATA,UART, SPI, I2C GPIO, etc.) to meet the expansion needs of customers’ different applications.

In-House ID/MD:Based on customized boards, ID/MD services are provided to meet the needs of customers in industrialized scenario applications.

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With more than 20 years of experience and technology precipitation in Linux, Android, and Windows system development, Geniatech can help customers realize cross-platform and cross-system system porting, system kernel trimming, driver debugging, board level support package (BSP), professional GUI customization, SDK & API support, and other complete software system customization services.

Operating System Porting: We can provide customers with system porting services to port an operating system from one hardware platform to another, in order to fully utilize the performance and functionality of the new hardware platform, to meet the requirements of embedded devices in terms of power consumption, real-time, etc., and to achieve a unified user experience on different hardware platforms.

System Kernel Tailoring: Includes system optimization and kernel tailoring for more efficient operation on specific hardware. By removing unnecessary components and fine-tuning performance for different hardware platforms, it maximizes product potential and provides a better user experience.

Driver Debugging: This includes adjusting existing device drivers or developing new ones to achieve seamless compatibility between hardware and software components, ensuring proper communication between devices and systems, and helping you create stable, high-performance products that meet customer expectations.

BSP&GUI Customization: Geniatech has rich experience in developing BSP for Linux and Android, we provide complete Board Support Package (BSP) and special UI interface customization services, you can focus on the development of application functions with core competitiveness.

SDK&API Support: We provide customers with complete SDK development kits and API interfaces, which greatly reduce the development time and cost.

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Geniatech’s many years of manufacturing experience, the establishment of a perfect product supply chain system, can provide you with a number of original chip resources and advantageous price support, with the help of the company’s own internal nearly 30,000 square meters of production factories, IATF16949 automotive quality system certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification of the standard process, to be able to be more economical and efficient, Flexibility to achieve diversified production modes, to better meet customer delivery, quality control and customization needs, and truly be responsible for quality and customers.

Flexible Production Mode: the company has its own 30,000 square meters production plant, providing a variety of flexible production modes, such as small trial production, customization, mass production, etc., to more effectively reduce customer production costs.

Reliable Product Testing: Our own professional testing equipment provides high temperature aging test, professional finished product testing and perfect reliability test.

Stringent Quality Inspection: Strictly implement IATF16949 automotive quality system, ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system standards.

ODM/OEM: Rich cases of providing ODM/OEM service, providing one-stop turnkey ODM/OEM service for you.

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Full Technical Support:Geniatechprovide customers with close to the project of the whole technical support services, from your project pre-research to mass production of the complete support, no matter your project is in the early stage of the project demand communication, or project development, production encountered in the difficult problems, or project delivery after the maintenance and upgrading, we will try our best to provide you with assistance.

Joint Development:We provide you with skilled and experienced engineers to work with your company’s engineers to support your project development, thereby reducing risk, increasing efficiency, and complementing each other’s strengths.

Testing and Certification:Weoffer comprehensive product testing and certification services for various countries, ensuring that our clients’ product designs and actual usage comply with international safety regulations. Our experienced on-site engineers are available to provide swift modifications and compliance adjustments in the event of test failures, ensuring your product meets the necessary legal requirements.

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