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Industrial Tablet

Geniatech selection of 7 to 55-inch Industrial tablet computers are designed for commercial environments, such as hospitality, healthcare, retail and kiosk applications. The Industrial grade Android tablets feature the most advanced processors (RK3568/RK3566/RK3399/RK3288/T972/T962/Snapdragon 410), provide an attractive and user-friendly UI, support VESA mount, Power over Ethernet and remote device management, plus low power consumption, fanless design and long-term availability. Our Android Industrial tablet PC is a lower cost alternative to the PLC or HMI windows-based touch panel PCs. In addition to this optional customisation is available and so much more.

Customization Rugged Industrial Android tablets

Industrial, medical and military grade tablets often have to be customized. In addition to ruggedness, non-standard peripheral interfaces (such as Ethernet, CAN, RS-232 or even proprietary), private labeling, security or software requirements, or regulatory approvals are required.

Operating Systems for Custom Industrial Tablets

The three most popular operating systems for commercial tablets - iOS, Android or Windows. Many custom applications are difficult to modify and deploy on iOS tablets. Windows is a more open operating system, but requires licensing fees and is difficult to customize at the low level of the operating system. Android is an open-source operating system that requires no licensing fees. It is easy to use & fully customized and an ideal choice for custom ruggedized tablets.

Performance of the Industrial Tablet PC

Because industrial tablet PCs are relatively expensive to design and often go through challenging and costly industry certifications and qualifications, as well as software upgrades or redevelopments. So they must operate reliably and have a longer product life cycle - typically 5 to 10 years.