PT682C/PT681 ATSC Pad TV

Mobile Pad Tuner

PT682C / PT681

Geniatech PT682C is a high-performance, high-sensitivity digital TV terminal receiving equipment,only a mobile phone or tablet can be watched anytime, anywhere for freeATSC digital TV does not require 3G/4G and Internet,unique shell design and antenna patent design, small size and easy to carry

Ultra Small Size, Plug and Play, High Sensitivity

Unique small size design of rope antenna,No need to install the driver, just plug in the phone to use, very convenient

High Compatibility

Compatible with major mainstream brand mobile phones on the market, compatible with the latest android 10 system,each brand mobile phone and Android system has undergone rigorous compatibility testing

No Need 3G/4G and WiFi

The mobile phone does not need to be connected to 3G/4G and wireless network, does not consume mobile data, need to connect to wifi, and receive digital TV through air signal

Rope Antenna Patent Design

Our company has applied for a patent for the rope antenna. Our unique design is very popular among users.

Application Scenario

You can watch your favorite live broadcasts anytime and anywhere while watching football games, sports programs, and other public transportation and subways. Don’t miss any live broadcasts Easy to use, plug the device into the phone, connect the antenna, and download PAD TV HD on the Google player store Install to your mobile phone to watch digital TV

Software Interface Introduction

SDK Secondary Development and Software Customization Services

Customizable APK

We can customize APK for customers according to customer needs, such as: APK icon customization, UI customization, software function addition

Provide SDK customer secondary development

For customers with certain development capabilities, our company can provide SDK customers with secondary development applications

Support OEM

OEM customers we provide unconditional technical support and after-sales service

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