GCP21 86 Type Smart Gateway with Touch Panel

GCP21 is an all-in-one smart home control panel based on ARM Cortex-A7 Dual-core 1.2GHz CPU. it is equipped with a 4-inch HD touch screen and customizable physical scene button. You can get multiple scene modes just with“one click”or control your smart devices easily in your home. It is designed with 86mm standard base, so that you can upgrade your traditional 86 switches conveniently. Multi-dimensional interaction between AI voice and APP, realize networking + AI + intelligent screen application to build human-computer interaction (HMI) experience, which can be applied to intelligent building indoor unit, intelligent home central control, 86 boxes of home central control, elevator floor display, IP network broadcast equipment, etc

  • Supports Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave, and other reserved interfaces.
  • Offers multi-scene preset modes for intelligent control.
  • Screen brightness adapts to ambient lighting.
  • Standard 86 cartridge mount for seamless panel integration.
  • Modern minimalist black and white design.
  • Powered by an ultra-low power Cortex-A7 dual-core processor.
  • Features a 4-inch capacitive touch screen with anti-fingerprint, hydrophobic, and anti-fouling coating.
  • Provides multiple APIs and SDKs for secondary development.
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86 Type Touchscreen Multi-Protocol Gateway

GCP21 is a smart touch Multi-Protocol gateway panel created by Geniatech for secondary development. It features a sleek black and white design with a 4-inch 480*480P HD capacitive touch screen. This gateway supports Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, Zigbee3.0, and Z-Wave protocols, catering to various network connections and communication needs. It also offers robust technical support for secondary development, enabling customers to rapidly create personalized self-controlled products.

Modern minimalist black and white design, is the switch is also a decoration

Modern minimalist black and white design, classic and versatile, stylish atmosphere, simple and durable, easy to handle different home decoration styles, so that the switch becomes a wall decoration.

No need to change, very easy to upgrade the existing system

Standard 86 box size design, can be easily installed on any standard 86 box, connected to the zero fire wire can be replaced in place of the old switch, whether it is a new house renovation or old house remodeling, easy to experience smart home life.

4-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen, one-screen control for all family devices

GCP21 has a 4-inch HD capacitive touch screen (480*480P) with anti-fingerprint and anti-fouling coating, auto brightness adjustment, and a user-friendly interface. It offers voice, touch, and APP control, simplifying device management and monitoring.

Highly integrated processing performance, embedded Linux OS

Dual-core Cortex-A7 high-performance low-power processor, integrated hardware H.265/H.264 video decoder, maximum support for 1920x1080P, built-in embedded Linux operating system, more secure, more stable, more reliable.

Multi-network and multi-protocol support, rich connection methods

Supports RJ45 wired network and 2.4G Wi-Fi network connection, supports Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, Zigbee3.0 and Z-Wave communication protocols to meet different network connection and communication protocol requirements. Compared with the traditional gateway network is more stable, faster response, lower power consumption and higher security.

Provide perfect technical information to help efficient secondary development

Hardware design can be provided, including the baseboard reference design information, software secondary development to provide supporting source code, technical documentation, console and cloud API interface and SDK development tools and other perfect technical information, so that the secondary development has become more simple, convenient and efficient, to help customers quickly build independent and controllable customized products.

10 years + ultra-long supply period to protect the long life cycle of the product

10 years + ultra-long stable supply period for the customer’s customized embedded products to provide a stable supply of products, to protect the long life cycle of the product.

More than hardware, one-stop customization service

With more than 20 years of in-depth R&D precipitation and technical resources of ARM products, Geniatech can not only provide customers with hardware functions and customized designs, but also provide one-stop customized services such as operating system transplantation across SoC platforms, BSP kernel cutting and driver debugging, scenario-based application software development, overall system software testing, and perfect secondary development of SDK, etc. With the help of the company’s self-built production factory of nearly 30,000 square meters, we can help customers greatly shorten the time from the product to the product, and provide customers with a complete solution. With the company’s self-built production factory of nearly 30,000 square meters, we can help customers greatly shorten the cycle from product selection, R&D project, small trial production to mass production and delivery, and quickly seize the first opportunity in the market.

  • Model
  • CPU
    Dual Core ARM Cortex A7 Processor ( Maximum frequency : 1.0GHz)
  • Memory
    64MB DDR2
  • Flash
  • WiFi
  • Ethernet
    1*10/100M RJ45
  • Microphone
    Dual microphone array, symmetric noise reduction, 7 meters far field recognition
  • Bluetooth
  • ZigBee optional
    Support 3.0
  • Display
    4-inch, 480*480P resolution IPS LCD display
  • Touch
    Multi-touch capacitive screen, AF hydrophobic anti-fouling and anti-fingerprint coating
  • Buzzer
  • Speaker
    AAC  loudspeaker
  • RF Options
    Z-Wave,LTE cat1/M,OCF(433/866MHz),LoRa,NBIoT(One of them is optional)
  • Relay control
  • Buttons
    1xReset / 1xRecovery
  • Power Cord
  • RTC
  • Electronics Mechanical info
    Weight: 126g
  • Certifications

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