APC395X3 S905X3 Andorid Mini PC

S905x3 Digital Signage Media Player Box


S905X3 Andorid Box for digital signage

S905x3 High-performance commercial display player, Rich interface, with GTIOT, 1000M network interface and 4K HDMI output, metal frame and bottom case, good heat dissipation performance.

Support multiple optional wireless protocols

Z-WAVE / ZIGBEE / LoRa / LTE / GPS / WiFi / BT5.0


Intelligent Transportation

Traffic Management Speeding Detection

Electronic Toll Collection

Traffic Information Transmission

Vehicle management

Car navigation

Vehicle monitoring

Logistics management

Remote measurement

Electricity, water, gas meter reading

Parking meter reading

Remote sensing survey

Electronic medical

remote diagnosis

Remote monitoring

Sales payment

RFID-SIM POS terminal

Vending machine Gaming terminal

MMS bill

repair service

elevator maintenance

Industrial equipment maintenance

Environmental monitoring

environmental monitoring

weather monitoring

Video Surveillance

Smart home

electrical monitoring

home security

Rich interfaces and high cost performance

  • • Video Output: 1*HDMI
  • • Audio Output: 1*HDMI+1*BT
  • • USB:1*USB 3.0+1*USB 2.0
  • • Ethernet: 1*RJ45 10/100/1000M Ethernet Port
  • • Wifi:IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/AC 2.4G/5.8G (Optional)
  • • Connector:1*RS232 +1*AV OUT(Two in one)
  • • SD:1*SD
S905X3 Andorid signage player

Good heat dissipation

The metal shell, the bottom and both sides of the middle frame are hollowed out to form heat convection, and the heat dissipation effect is more superior.
The machine works with high main frequency for a long time and low temperature rise, and the design is one step ahead

No need for manual guards (optional)

Built-in independent and reliable hardware watchdog, realizing 7*24H unattended continuous and stable work,
releasing manual work to improve efficiency

S905X3 Andorid digital signage media player

Personalized customization

Product connection diagram

S905X3 Andorid digital signage player connection diagram

Application scenario

Commercial display, digital signage, smart home

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