Geniatech’s SMARC 2.1 modules compliant with the Smart Mobility ARChitecture (SMARC) standard by SGET, perfect for small form-factor embedded systems that require low power, low costs, and high performance. Our SMARC modules are designed and manufactured in-house in China, and we also provide custom services to meet unique project requirements.

What are SMARC modules?

SMARC (Smart Mobility Architecture) is a popular computer module standard for embedded systems, aiming to provide standardized modular solutions for mobile and compact embedded applications. Here are some key features of the SMARC standard:

  1. Size: SMARC modules are defined in two sizes: 82mm x 50mm and 82mm x 80mm, making them ideal for space-constrained mobile and portable devices.

  2. Power Consumption: Designed for low power consumption, SMARC modules typically target power consumption below 6W, suitable for battery-powered applications.

  3. Interfaces: SMARC provides standardized interfaces including USB, Ethernet, serial, and display interfaces, enabling compatibility and interchangeability between modules from different manufacturers.

  4. Processor and Memory Support: SMARC supports a wide range of processor and memory options, including x86, ARM, and RISC-based processors, as well as DDR3 and DDR4 memory.

  5. Applications: SMARC modules find applications in various embedded applications including industrial automation, medical devices, handheld devices, automotive systems, and IoT devices.

  6. AI and Machine Learning: Advanced SMARC technologies such as AIOM (AI on Module) integrate microprocessor units (MPUs) and neural processing units (NPUs), providing support for video-based AI solutions.

  7. Industry Support: SMARC is widely accepted as an industry standard, supported by many semiconductor and embedded system manufacturers, ensuring long-term availability and technical support.

SMARC modules are a popular choice in embedded system design due to their small size, low power consumption, and high performance, especially in applications with strict space and energy requirements. With the continuous advancement of AI technology and growing market demand, SMARC is expected to expand its market influence in the coming years.

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