Rockchip RK3399 Development Board


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SMARC3399 adopts RK3399 hexa-core (A72x2+A53x4) 64-bit processor, main frequency up to 1.8ghz, integrated with quad-core Mali-T864 GPU, providing excellent performance. Onboard M.2 PCle, 4GLTE extended interface, various display interface and communication serial port. Support Android10.0/Debian10.0 system, open source convenient enterprise secondary development. It is suitable for commercial advertising machines, vending machines and educational terminals with HD display, which can reduce the threshold of research and development and speed up the product development cycle

rk3399 board

Configuration is optional

DDR2/4G, eMMC16/32/64G

development board with display

High scalability

Rich interface, compatible with mainstream screen

development board android

Stable and reliable

Built-in watchdog module, 7*24 hours stable operation without downtime

development board arm

Dual operating system

Support Android&linux system

Compatible with Mainstream Display

Support LVDS/eDP/HDMI display interface, can directly drive mainstream 5-100 inch display screen, support 4K hardware solution, support multi-screen display.

LVDS/eDP/HDMI display

development board for embedded systems

industrial development board

SATA Ports Supported

Compatible with mainstream hard disk interface, convenient for customers to read and write data, support larger storage space and faster transmission rate

Can Support POE

Built-in POE port for connecting to the built-in POE module.

development board poe

Supports Video Input From Dual MiPi Cameras

The port can be connected to an external camera or used to expand the input capability of multiple cameras

board development camera

Dual Gigabit Ethernet Port

Dual GIGABit network ports, with better network expansibility, can access and transfer Intranet data through dual network ports, improve network transmission efficiency

development board with 2 ethernet ports

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High Performance Industry Motherboard

The combination of core board and baseboard forms a complete high-performance industrial application motherboard, with richer expansion interfaces and stronger performance, which can be directly applied to various intelligent products to accelerate the landing of products

Support Personalized Customization

RK3399 Development Board customization
Shell structure customization

arm Development Board odm
Customize the onboard function

iot Development Board sdk
Provide SDK for secondary development

embedded Development Board Manufacturer
Mass production services

Widely Used

It can be applied to advertising screen display,industrial PC, medical equipment, human-computer interaction, image processing, portable devices, automotive applications, infrared systems, control systems and other products in various industries

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