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KloudNote is a professional e ink notepad and e-book reader. This electronic notepad with stylus combines the simplicity and comfort of reading and writing in real paper with the ease of access of digital notes. KloudNote is how we learned to be productive in school and is how our minds enter a creative space that is free from distraction. KloudNote e ink android tablet can visit the past notes and the e-book you have browsed at any time and any space. Our e ink notebook KloudNote can satify business peoples, student, teachers, editors, etc all the needs and experiences of note taking and reading.

15 Reasons to choose KloudNote e-Paper Notepad

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10.3-inch eye ink screen

With a new generation of 10.3-inch e-ink eye protection screen, the resolution is up to 1404*1872p, which is still clearly visible in direct sunlight outside.

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Book like reading experience

Reading experience like books can effectively improve dry eyes, harsh eyes and eye fatigue caused by watching electronic products for a long time, and effectively protect your vision health.

4096 level electromagnetic pressure sense

Wacom 4096 class electromagnetic pressure sensing pen, passive wireless, high touch precision, bring paper and pen like smooth writing experience.

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A variety of note templates, record more handy

Up to 39 sets of note templates are preset to meet your recording needs in different scenarios, making your recording more convenient.

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Write, note, record, transfer, all proficient

Synchronous recording is supported during notes. The recording can be converted into text, or the written text can be transcribed into text, and the transcribed text can be edited and saved, synchronized in the cloud in real time, and exported or shared with one click.

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Electronic signature, easy to do in one step

Kloud Note can scan documents, add handwritten signatures, and save and share them with one click in one step, eliminating the tedious operations of scanning, signing, scanning and sharing between different devices. It perfectly solves the needs of business people on business trips and visits for electronic signatures, and greatly improves user experience.

Read the markup and export with one click

When reading, you can mark your favorite text paragraphs and add reading notes. One-click export and cloud synchronization are supported.

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Supports multi-end cloud synchronization of notes

Notes support multi-terminal cloud synchronization, so you can check notes anytime and anywhere without fear of losing notes.

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Supports a variety of e-book file formats

Support PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT, FB2 and other more than a dozen e-book file formats, can be transmitted to the e-book through WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and other ways, to achieve office learning efficiency with half the effort.

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Supports wireless screen sharing

Supports the wireless screen projection function, which can screen the content of the e-paper book to the computer, projector, TV and other display devices, and open the meeting sharing mode with one click.

Front fingerprint unlock

Fingerprint Home button two in one, finger touch the Home button to complete the unlock, protect your information privacy security.

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Super long battery life, ridiculously long

The large capacity battery can last for several weeks on a single charge, completely getting rid of the anxiety of battery life and frequent charging

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Multiple communication versions are available

Equipped with 4G LTE and WiFi two communication versions are optional, WiFi supports 2.4GHz + 5GHz dual band.

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Independent research and development software and hardware integration, can be customized development

Independent research and development of new custom private model + unique open architecture APP, can provide SDK/API custom development

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