Rockchip RK3399 core-board


Six-core 64-bit high-performance core board, Rockchip RK3399 six-core 64-bit (A72x2+A53x4) 1.8ghz processor, provides a variety of storage configuration options, users only need to expand the function of the base plate can quickly achieve project research and production 

The configuration is optional

DDR2/4G, eMMC16/32/64G

High scalability  

Rich interface, compatible with mainstream screen  

Stable and reliable

Built-in watchdog module runs stably for 7*24 hours without downtime  

Dual operating systems  

Support Android and Linux system  

We design, develop and manufacture stable system modules

1. Gold-plated precision plate, corrosion resistant, firm and reliable
2.SMARC2.1 standard interface is adopted, and all pin pins of the chip are introduced. Data transmission and expansion performance are greatly brought into play.  To have the strength, reliable partners to create quality products 

Support personalized customization  

Shell structure customization

Customize the onboard function

Provide SDK for secondary development

Mass production services

Widely used

With the function of the bottom plate can be applied to advertising screen display, industrial PC, medical equipment, human-computer interaction, image processing, portable devices, automotive applications, infrared systems, control systems and other products in various industries 

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