RK3566 Development Board

RK3566 Development Board

rk3566 Development Board

Can be used for third party development or testing, can also be directly equipped with the screen,
is a high cost performance motherboard

rk3566 ARM Board

High Cost Performance, Low Power Consumption

  • Support LPDDR4X with high cost performance and low power mode of touch screen,
    which can effectively reduce the power consumption of products
rk3566 single board computer
rk3566 datasheets and features

Support Double Gigabit Network Port(RGMII0/RGMII1)

  • Support double gigabit transmission rate, can support the use of dual network segment Internet

Voice Noise Reduction

  • Support 2-way MICPHONE, double MIC matrix can be used for noise reduction, sound picking more accurate,
    to meet the meeting and other requirements for the scene of pitch picking
rk3566 embedded board with 2-way MICPHONE

rk3566 SBC with M.2 interface

M.2 Interface

  • M.2 supports PC1e2.1,Compatible with extensible Super-small interface for large storage capacity

Adopt SATA3.0 Interface

  • Compatible with mainstream hard disk interface, facilitate customer data reading and writing,
    support larger storage space and faster transmission rate
rk3566 Arm Developer

Remote device management

  • Remote wake up, restart, standby and other operations

rk3566 Development Board Hardware Manual

APP customization service

  • Personalized GUI customization services

rk3566 solution with custom services

Application Scenario

rk3566 AI solution
rk3566 ebook solution
rk3566 face recognition solution
rk3566 POS solution
rk3566 display solution
rk3566 smart home solution
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