SSD201/202 System on Module SoM201/202

Sigmastar SSD201/SSD202D

Sigmastar System on Module

SOM 20X is an ultra-small SOM (System On Module) Module based On Sigmastar SSD201/SSD202 SoC (ARM Cortex A7 core). The module integrates WiFi, NAND Flash, encrypted IC and power management circuitry on a 2.95cm x 2.95cm PCB area for smart display,86-box, voice recognition, home appliance applications and IoT Network intelligent gateway and other fields.

Three Performance Characteristics

MPEG4 Decoder

MPEG4 Decoder; H.264/AVC Decoder; JPEG Encoder

H.264/AVC Decoder

Powerful video codec function

Mono and Stereo; Input and Output

Mono and Stereo; Input and Output

JPEG Encoder

Realistic audio processing capability




Multiple display interfaces

Product Configuration

SOM 201 configuration 64MB DDR2, 128MB NAND Flash (up to 2GB)
SOM 202 configuration128MB DDR3, 128MB NAND Flash (up to 2GB)

SSD202D System on Moduel

Application Scenarios

86 Boxes, Commercial Display, Audio and Video and Home Gateway

Software and Hardware Customization Service

customized services
Other customized services + supply chain

Shell structure customization
Shell structure customization

Carrier board function customization
Carrier board function customization

Provide SDK for secondary development

Mass production service
Mass production service

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