GT-OM150 USB Omnidirectional Microphone for Conferencing

GT-OM150 is a USB omnidirectional microphone that also supports Bluetooth voice transmission. It also supports cascading of multiple identical devices, built-in UVA protocol, noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms, free drive, plug and play. 4 Mic Array and 3W speaker all in one, support to pick up tone in any direction (eight directions), support Windows/Mac OS/Android /Linux OS. GT-OM150 can be applied to cloud conference, cloud education, telemedicine, cloud games and other scenarios.

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  • Microphone
    Omnidirectional, 4 Mic Array
  • Pickup frequency
  • Sampling rate
  • Signal to noise Ratio
  • Speaker
  • Power
    5V (Max 500mA)
  • Distance
  • OS
    Windows7/Windows 10/Android/Mac OS/Linux(USB)/Android/iOS(BT)
  • Compatible
    Skype/Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Wechat/DingDing etc.
  • Environment
    Operation temperature: 0 ~ +40℃
    Storage temperature: -10 ~ 55 ℃


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