i.MX8M Mini Raspberry Pi SBC

i.MX8M Mini Single Board Computer


i.MX8M Mini single-board computer like Raspberry Pi with a few extra connectors on the board
raspberry pi development board

High Reliability

The board use NXP i.MX 8M Mini as its processor. The NXP i.MX 8M series is NXP’s first embedded multi-core
application processor built with advanced 14LPC FinFET process technology, which can provide higher speed and higher power efficiency.
The i.MX 8M Mini series has Commercial and Industrial-level certifications, and is supported by NXP’s product life plan, and can be used in any general industrial and IoT applications.

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◀ Higher CPU speed
raspberry pi commercial alternative
◀ Commercial grade temperature range
Higher power efficiency ▶
low power raspberry pi 4 alternative
Industrial grade temperature range▶
industrial raspberry pi alternative

High Performance

NXP i.MX8M Mini 1.8GHz 1GB LPDDR4(1-4GB Optional)+8GB eMMC5.1(8-128GB Optional)

i.MX8M Mini SBC better than raspberry pi 4

High scalability

Support wired network and WiFi/BT4.0 functions; Support 4 sets of USB port for USB devices; Standard 40 pin GPIO headers can be
designated (in software) as an input or output pin and used for a wide range of purposes. Support 2 lanes MIPI LCD and MIPI Camera functions.

i.MX8M Mini development board similar to raspberry pi 4

System diversity

Supported systems: Linux, Yocto (Linux), FreeRTOS

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Application scenarios

Programming education, Software Development, Multimedia terminal

raspberry pi alternatives for commercial use

Software and hardware customization service

Other customized services + supply chain
Shell structure customization
Expanded board function customization
Provide SDK for secondary development
Mass production service
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