A311D Artificial Intelligence Development Board


A311D ai embedded board

DB10 is Geniatech’s latest super-performance AI 4K development board, built-in 5TOPS ultra-high computing power NPU, integrated HDMI OUT and LVDS mainstream dual display output interface, At the same time, LTE, Tuner and POE functions are added to make the functions more abundant and meet the needs of more developers in different scenarios.

A311D AI soulution
Strong performance

Amlogic A311D arm embedded board
Multiple interface

A311D display solution

A311D development board customization
Personalized customization

High Performance

  • CPU:4x Arm Cortex A73,2x Arm Cortex A53;GPU:ARM MaliTM-G52 MP6(6EE)
  • NPU(5TOPS):INT8 inference neural network accelerator up to 1536 MAC,internal L2 cache (512KB) and system workspace buffer (1MB), supporting all major deep learning frameworks, including TensorFlow and Caffe
  • Adopting a new 12-nanometer production process, with higher performance, lower power consumption and lower heat generation

Various Display Interfaces

4K development board


The motherboard integrates a POE interface, and is equipped with a small POE module (802.3at) to solve the trouble of power wiring for customers in special environments

poe development board


linux single board computer
  • Standard RS232 protocol, multiple applications;
  • Build-in WatchDog&RTC,Unguarded 7*24H stability;
  • LTE(Mini PCIE Interface/global standard)Meet outdoor network coverage;
  • Three-antenna design, dual-band WIFI and BT signal transmission at the same time without interference, improve working stability, WIFI speed can reach 440Mbits/sec, and BT conforms BT5.0 for networking requirements
watchdog for Android

Support Personalized Customization

arm cortex development board odm

Optional hardware configuration:

arm development board linux sdk

Provide SDK secondary development: customers can compile sensitive requirements by themselves

how to manage Android devices remotely

MDM customization (remote device management): remotely collect device status information and control the device (update firmware, uninstall/install APK, restart, standby/wake up, real-time advertising…)

Android 11 development board customization

APP customization: easy to realize customer’s customized requirements, safe, fast and low-cost.



Application Scenarios

Commercial display, digital signage, smart home, video conference…

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