RV1126 AI Development Board

RV1126 artificial intelligence development board


RV1126 Development Board

DB1126 is a high-performance, versatile(14 million pixel image signal processor), high-computing (2TOPS) general-purpose intelligent integrated carrier board + core board.The product configuration can be flexibly updated in parallel by replacing the core board/module, reducing the cost of enterprise upgrades, and at the same time using the carrier board protocol to partially debug the core board, reducing workload and improving stability.

Complete functions,strong performance

Multiple interface


Personalized customization


  • Quad core ARM Cortex-A7 and RISC-V MCU
  • The built-in NPU supports INT8/INT16 mixed operation, and the calculation can be easily converted to the network model of a series of frameworks such as TensorFlow/MXNet/PyTorch/Caffe.
  • A new generation of 14 million pixel ISP (image signal processor) and post processor based on hardware, which realizes HDR, 3A functions (AE, AF, AWB), LSC, 3DNR, 2DNR, sharpening commonly used in IPC and CVR , Defogging, fisheye correction, gamma correction, feature point detection and other algorithm acceleration, are all real-time processing, while receiving video data from 3 camera sensors, very suitable for AI smart cameras.
RV1126 AI Development Board

Modular Management

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Module stacking

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Rich Display Interface

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High performance network

• Built-in dual RJ45 interface(1*100M+1*1000M)
• IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/AC 2.4G/5.8G (Optional)
• BT4.2(Optional BT5.0)
Development Board with wifi and BT

Support Personalized Customization

Optional hardware configuration:

Provide SDK secondary development: customers can compile sensitive requirements by themselves

MDM customization (remote device management): remotely collect device status information and control the device (update firmware,uninstall/install APK, restart, standby/wake up, real-time advertising…)

APP customization: easy to realize customer’s customized requirements, safe, fast and low-cost.

Diversified functions

• GTIOT:(Z-WAVE / ZIGBEE / LoRa / LTE / GPS / WiFi / BT5.0 )
• Two-way noise reduction microphone: mainly for the processing of sound pickup technology in the surrounding noisy environment, eliminating external noise
• built-in WatchDog&RTC:7*24H Stable and unguarded
• OS:Linux

Application scenarios

Commercial display, digital signage, smart home, video conference, video capture card, 4K wireless projector, AI UVC camera…

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