RK3588 High Performance AI Development Board


Geniatech DB3588V2 is a high-performance AI development board that uses RockChip’s flagship RK3588 chip with an integrated 6Tops NPU. It is comprised of a SOM3588 and carrier board and comes equipped with a variety of peripheral devices and interfaces, making secondary development highly efficient. The board supports various operating systems, including Android, Ubuntu, Debian, Buildroot, and RT Linux, and has strong scalability, providing stable and reliable support for various AI application scenarios, such as edge computing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, VR/AR, blockchain, smart security, smart industrial control, and smart home.

Rockchip RK3588 AI development board

A new generation of octa-core flagship processors

With its RK3588 octa-core 64-bit flagship processor and 8nm advanced process technology, the DB3588V2 boasts excellent processing power. It also features an integrated ARM Mali-G610 MP4 quad-core GPU and a built-in 6TOPs AI NPU, which support the market’s mainstream deep learning frameworks. This comprehensive feature set offers better performance for various AI application scenarios.

Rockchip RK3588 Single Board Computer octa-core

32GB super memory, 128GB large capacity eMMC

With support for a maximum of 32GB of super memory and 128GB of high-speed eMMC storage, as well as two onboard SATA3.1 interfaces for expandable large-capacity storage devices, the Geniatech DB3588V2 is ideal for meeting the demands of applications that require large memory and storage capacities.

RK3588 AI Single Board Computer

Rich video input and output interface
support 8K@60fps output &4K@60fps input

DB3588V2 features an onboard 2-way HDMI 2.1, MIPI, LVDS, and eDP output interface, as well as HDMI and MIPI CSI input interface,
which can simultaneously support multiple 8K@60fps ultra-HD video output and 4K@60fps video input.
The solution also supports HD four-screen different display, making it ideal for different application scenarios with HD multi-screen interactive display.

Rockchip RK3588 Single Board Computer for display

Powerful peripheral expansion capabilities

DB3588V2 comes with an onboard SATA3.1, M.2, USB3.0, USB2.0, USB Debug, audio output, 4P large power supply, CAN, RS232, microphone array interface, and other rich expansion interfaces. These interfaces provide ample peripheral connections for different industry applications, making project development and evaluation more accessible.

RK3588 embedded solutions

Superb network communication capability

DB3588V2 features an on-board Gigabit Ethernet interface, 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band WiFi6, and Bluetooth 5.0, providing uninterrupted network access capability. Users can choose the network access mode that best fits their environment, making it ideal for outdoor and indoor applications with different network requirements.

RK3588 ARM embedded platform

Industrial-Grade Products: Designed to Withstand Harsh Environments

Industrial-grade processors and components are available as an option for the Geniatech DB3588V2. These components are tested and manufactured to strict industrial standards, ensuring the reliability, safety, and stability of the product in harsh environments. Whether operating in extremely cold temperatures of -40°C or high temperatures of 85°C, the product can run stably 24/7 without interruption, making it ideal for industrial-grade applications in various harsh working environments.

RK3588 Industrial Development platform

Open system architecture, supporting multiple operating systems

DB3588V2 supports multiple operating systems, including Android 12.0, Ubuntu desktop and server versions, Debian11, Buildroot, and RTLinux kernel. Its Linux system kernel can be customized to enable deep development of the service layer, and remote upgrades and device management can be realized. This feature greatly enhances the convenience of later operation and maintenance, improving operational efficiency.

RK3588 open source Development  platform

10-year delivery period for long product life cycle

DB3588V2 features an original main SoC and provides a wealth of development resources. Additionally, it offers an ultra-long delivery period of 10 years or more, as well as traceable Linux Kernel maintenance for the product’s entire lifecycle, ensuring long-term support and reliability.

RK3588 ARM single board computer

Provide perfect technical data for efficient secondary development

We offer comprehensive technical information, including base board reference design materials, supporting source code, technical documentation, API interfaces, and SDK development tools. This makes secondary development more accessible, convenient, and efficient, helping customers quickly build independent and customizable products that are independent and controllable.

RK3588 Development kits

More than hardware, a full range of one-stop customized services

Geniatech has 25 years of in-depth research and development experience with ARM products. In addition to providing hardware features and custom designs, we offer one-stop customization services such as cross-SoC platform OS porting, BSP kernel trimming, and driver debugging, scenario-based application software development, overall system software testing, and perfect SDK secondary development. We have nearly 30,000 square meters of self-built production facilities, which can greatly shorten the cycle from product selection to R&D project, small volume trial production to mass production delivery, and quickly seize market opportunities for our customers.

RK3588 ARM Development board

Wide range of application scenarios

It can be used in edge computing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, VR/AR, blockchain, smart security, smart industrial control, smart home, etc.

RK3588 embedded board application
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