DB201/DB202 cost-effective development board


DB20X adopts Sigmastar highly integrated embedded SoC with ARM Cortex-A7 dual core, integrated H.264/H.265 video decoder, built-in DDR, equipped with dual 100M network ports, multiple USB2.0, RS485, RS232, MIPI DSI, RGB, LVDS display connection and other Expansion interface, with a very high cost performance, widely used in intelligent building display terminal, smart home display, smart home appliances, IP network broadcasting equipment, electric vehicle instrumentation, industrial IoT gateway, industrial HMI and other kinds of application scenarios that do not require high performance, but demanding cost.

Sigmastar SSD201/SSD202 development board

Highly integrated processor, very cost-effective choice

ARM Cortex-A7 dual-core processor, 1.2GHz main frequency, built-in 64MB/128MB DDR RAM, built-in 2D graphics engine, integrated H.264/H.265 video decoder, support MIPI-DSI/RGB/LVDS and other display interfaces output 1920 x1080@60fps maximum resolution.

Sigmastar SSD201/SSD202 system on module + carrier board

Rich expansion interface, support a variety of network communication

Equipped with UART, I2C, GPIO, USB2.0, MIPI DSI, RGB, LVDS, I2S, RGMII, RS232, RS485, CAN, audio input and output and other rich expansion interfaces, supporting dual 100M Ethernet, 2.4G Wi-Fi and 4G mobile communication, providing rich functional expansion for product applications.

Sigmastar SSD201/SSD202 development Kit

High security, keep your information safe

Security engine Secure boot, supports AES/DES/3DES/RSA/SHA-I/SHA-256, secure boot support.

secure boot support

Provide perfect technical data for efficient secondary development

We can provide perfect technical information including base board reference design material, supporting source code, technical documentation, API interface and SDK development tools, making secondary development easier, more convenient and efficient, helping customers to quickly build independent and controllable customized products.

Sigmastar SSD201/SSD202 SDK source code

Open Source, powerful software customization capability

Embedded linux 4.9 operating system, very fast boot-up speed, support Phthon, remote debugging, support third-party SDK access and customization, can provide a complete set of software system customization services including system kernel modification, driver transplantation, application development and UI interface customization, etc., to provide a safe and stable system environment for product development and production.

Sigmastar SSD201/SSD202 open source project

A long product life cycle

SSD201/SSD202 chips are included in Sigmastar’s product 10-year+ long-term supply plan, which, combined with a traceable Linux Kernel maintenance system, provides a stable product supply for customized embedded products and guarantees a long product lifecycle.

Sigmastar SSD201/SSD202 industrial embedded board

More than hardware, a full range of one-stop customized services

With 25 years of in-depth research and development of ARM products and technical resources, Geniatech can provide customers with not only hardware features and custom designs, but also one-stop customization services such as cross-SoC platform OS porting, BSP kernel trimming and driver debugging, scenario-based application software development, overall system software testing, and perfect SDK secondary development. With the company’s nearly 30,000 square meters of self-built production facilities, we can help customers greatly shorten the cycle from product selection, R&D project, small volume trial production to mass production delivery, and quickly seize the market opportunity.

Sigmastar SSD201/SSD202 customized services

Application Scenarios

It is widely used in smart building display terminal, smart home display, smart home appliances, IP network broadcasting equipment, electric vehicle instrumentation, industrial IoT gateway, industrial HMI and other various application scenarios with low performance requirements but harsh cost requirements.

Sigmastar SSD201/SSD202 mainboard Application
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