SSD201/202 Developer Board

Sigmastar SSD201/SSD202D

SSD202D single board computer

DB 20X development board adopts the highly integrated embedded SoC ,launched by Sigmastar. It is based on ARM Cortex-A7 dual-core 1.2GHz, integrates the hardware H.264/MPEG4 video decoder, built-in DDR and built-in 2D graphics engine, and supports TTL/ MIPI screen display driver interface. Ethernet MAC and PHY are built in; In addition, there is a wealth of other peripherals such as SAR ADC, audio support for ADC/DAC, UARTS, PWMS, GPIOS, and SPI to achieve maximum flexibility of the application.

Video Codec Function

Integrated H.264/AVC decoder: supports maximum resolution FHD (1920×1080) /60 frames decoding
Integrated MPEG4 decoder: support maximum resolution FHD (1920×1080) /60 frames decoding, MPEG4 decoder,
I/P/B slice, all intra-frame prediction mode, all internal prediction mode, support maximum resolution HD (1920×1080) /60 frames decoding
JPEG encoder: supports JPEG baseline encoding, supports YUV422 or YUV420 format, supports maximum resolution FHD (1920×1080) 15 frames per second

MPEG4 decoder



Powerful Display Subsystem

  • Supports multi-window(max.16+1 PIP)fetch,merge,and scale-up function.Built-in contrast,brightness,sharpness,and saturation control
  • TTL output up to HD 60fps with RGB565 or RGB666 or RGB888 format
  • MIPI TX DSI 4-lane with max.1.5Gbps and output up to FHD 60fps
  • Supports RGB Alpha (transparency) channels,ARGB1555/ARGB4444/ARGB8888,RGB565and YUV422 format
  • Supports UI/OSD layer with max.resolution FHD(1920*1080)
  • Supports cursor layer with max.resolution 256*256

mipi embedded board

Audio Processor

Supports 8K/16K/32K/48KHz sampling rate

Mono ADC microphone input

Mono ADC microphone input

Stereo digital microphone input

Stereo digital microphone input

Stereo DAC headset/power amplifier

Stereo DAC headset/power amplifier

Selective Universal Interface and Demo Code

Geniatech defines IoT interface: support Z-Wave7 (certified), ZigBee3.0, BLE 5.0, Lorawan and other standard IoT protocols Network support: dual Ethernet, 4G/LTE and WiFi 2.4GHz Leading out general peripheral interfaces and buses for expansion: such as GPIO, UART, SPI, CAN, PWM, I2C, IR, etc.

Z-Wave7 (certified), ZigBee3.0, BLE 5.0, Lorawan
dual Ethernet 4G/LTE WiFi 2.4GHz CAN

Application Scenarios

86 Boxes, Commercial Display, Audio and Video and Home Gateway

Software and Hardware Customization Service

customized services
Other customized services + supply chain

Shell structure customization
Shell structure customization

Carrier board function customization
Carrier board function customization

Provide SDK for secondary development

Mass production service
Mass production service

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