The SoM-N6ULL is an integrated circuit-based modular board system; The i.MX6ULL application processor combines a scalable platform with extensive integration and efficient processing capabilities to achieve industry-leading audio, voice and video Processing power. The small size and high integration can meet the application scenarios that require volume. Can accept interface customization, carrier board customization and other customization services.

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CPU NXP i.MX6ull
CPU Frequency 792 MHz
Internal Memory 512MB / 1GB DDR3L
Internal Storage 4G/8G eMMC
OS Linux/Yacto
Switch1(2 PIN) Burn and start
Switch2(4 PIN) Boot mode selection
Expansion connector(80 pin) UART*5, SPI*1, SNVS*6, SDIO*1, I2C x2, GPIO x7, DC Power, RTC Power, MIPI CSI*1, USB OTG *2, 10/100 ENET *2
Size (mm) 50*35
Net Weight (g) 10
Power DC:+3.7V to +6.5V

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