Entry-level ARM PC


OTT IPTV media player

APC329L is an ideal entry-level ARM PC with a metal bottom shell and a plastic upper shell in the middle frame for optimal heat dissipation. The built-in 4G LTE module allows for access to cellular networks globally, increasing network connectivity. The hardware watchdog ensures reliable 7x24h stability, and the IoT interface is extensible for customer requirements. The MDM application allows for remote management and monitoring, and personalized customization is supported. With superior processing power, powerful decoding abilities. It is suitable for OTT/IPTV media player boxes, commercial display media player boxes, commercial Android hosts, etc

Better network connectivity

built-in 4G LTE module can support global cellular networks, so that the product has better network connectivity

Higher reliability

built-in hardware watchdog can monitor the running status of the system in real time to ensure that the product can work stably and continuously for 7x24h

android devices watchdog

Extensible IoT interface

Reserve IoT interface, can expand IoT module according to customer requirements, such as Zigbee/BT

4K smart tv box

Greater decoding ability

Support MVC, MPEG-1/2/4, VC-1/WMV, AVS,AVS+, AVS2 RealVideo, MJPEG stream, AV1, H.264, H265-10 and also JPEG Pictures are not limited in size

4K AVI video decoding

Excellent heat dissipation performance

metal bottom shell and the plastic upper shell in the middle frame are equipped with vents on both sides to form internal ventilation circulation, so that the heat dissipation effect of the whole machine is better

low power android tv device

Superior processing power

Quad ARM Cortex-A55,ARM G31™ MP2 GPU,2G/4GB RAM,8G/16G/32GB ROM

Remote management of devices (MDM)

MDM application has been preset for remote device management and monitoring

remote manage android devices

Support Personalized Customization

Optional hardware configuration

Optional hardware configuration:


Provide SDK secondary development

Provide SDK secondary development

customers can compile sensitive requirements by themselves

MDM customization (remote device management)

MDM customization (remote device management)

remotely collect device status information and control the device (update firmware, uninstall/install APK, restart, standby/wake up, real-time advertising…)

APP customization

APP customization

easy to realize customer’s customized requirements, safe, fast and low-cost.

Application Scenarios

It is suitable for OTT/IPTV media player boxes, commercial display media player boxes, commercial Android hosts, etc.

Android tv devices application
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