How to Choose the Best Rugged Tablet PCs?

Rugged tablet PC is available in a wide range of sizes. So the time you start selecting the sizes, you have to see where that PC will be placed. You should also ensure whether the tablet PC will be mounted on the wall or embedded. Moreover, while considering the size factor of the tablet PC. One should also consider the resolution or display screen of the tablet PC. There are two types of screens one is standard (4:3) and the other is widescreen (16:9).Take a look at the full range of touch panel PCs offered by Geniatech on our dedicated page.

Type of touchscreen:

The tablet PC has two kinds of touchscreens. One is called Capacitive and the other one is called Resistive. The basic difference between the two varieties of the screen is about the way they take the input.

A capacitive touch screen uses the electrical field of the human body to process information, data, or input, similar to the smartphones of today. These touchscreens are used more frequently for installation. That’s why the touchscreen should be highly functional and accurate. So that the user can perform his/her work without any interruption.

While resistive screens need physical pressure so that the touch data is transmitted. This type of screen is recommended for factory automation and healthcare applications because it can be used while wearing gloves. They are also recommended for tactile interfaces.

Performance of the Tablet PC:

As the overall solution of industrial computer + screen, industrial tablet PC has the advantage of stable performance compared with the split solution.

The tablet PC has a compact structure and a professional design that helps in heat dissipation. Moreover, it focuses on CPU technology which is the latest technology enabling the users to experience better performance with minimal lower power consumption.

Another factor or requirement while the selection of tablet PCs is the abundant extended functions, it provides multiple options for mini PCle, PCI, and PCle standard expansion cards. Hence, users can increase and expand the performance of Tablet PCs.

Wide Temperature:

Rugged Tablet PCs have quite high-performance requirements due to the harsh environment. Especially in the high and low temperature environment, it is a high challenge for industrial display products. Hence, it is necessary to meet wide temperature requirements for rugged tablet PCs.


These rugged tablet PCs are usually used in environments that are complex and harsh. So these PCs should be Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.


It doesn’t matter if the rugged tablet PCs are excellent and high performance when the client needs any specific requirement or need to be fulfilled. It is essential that the manufacturers accommodate those needs or else the customer or client will not be satisfied. Hence, before selecting your tablet PC, you have to make sure that if there is the leverage of customization or not.

Hence, these were some factors that are important to consider while selecting the best-rugged tablet PCs. I hope this article will make you more aware and make your purchase decision easier.

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