U2386 ATSC/Analog Hybrid HD TV Tuner


ATSC/QAM/Analog Hybrid USB TV stick


Geniatech U2386 ATSC is a Pen size digital/analog USB2.0 TV stick.
The mini and compact design makes every trip of you much easier and portable! Enjoy ATSC /QAM/Analog TV entertainment whenever you like and wherever you go!


Live TV on your PC

Watch, record, edit, and enjoy TV on a PC. Superbly engineered and versatile, ,delivers free-to-view digital television to your PC via aerial.


Real live TV without internet

Despite the small size and built with a full-size coaxial plug, this little wonder does not require an adapter to connect an aerial.Simply connect to your TV aerial to receive the great variety of free-to-view TV programs that are broadcast over-the-air.


Superb Quality Television

Record digital HD TV in one quality setting. The digital stream is recorded unaltered for full quality digital content as encoded by the broadcaster. also supports multilingual programming.

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