Quad Tuner PCIe Card

PCI Express Quad DVB-S2 TV Card



Geniatech X9320 is a PCI Express interface digital DVB-S/S2 satellite TV tuner card with four tuners, which allows you to watch or record up to four Free to Air (FTA) Satellite TV & listen to Radio on PC, Fast automatic blind scan of symbol rates and carrier frequencies.


Enjoy Up to Four DVB-S/S2 HD Satellite TV Programs on PC

X9320 Quad advanced DVB-S2/S tuners enable you to watch TV channel from one satellite transponder, while recording three other channels from different satellite transponders at the same time.


Real Live TV without Internet

Despite the small size, built with a full-size coaxial plug and does not require an adapter to connect an aerial.Simply connect to your TV aerial to receive the great variety of free-to-view TV programs that are broadcast over-the-air.


Superb Quality Television

Record digital HD TV in one quality setting. The digital stream is recorded unaltered for full quality digital content as encoded by the broadcaster. also supports multilingual programming.

Linux/Windows PC Compatibility

Compatible with Linux/Windows 10 or later and includes Total Media software for Windows, which supports watch/record/edit Digital TV.With the latest Version of the Total Media software, you can now receive digital DVB-S/S2 television using an aerial.With the television app for Windows, you are ready to receive MPEG-4-based DVB-S/S2 programmes and perfectly prepared for DVB-S/S2 TV reception.

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