IR Blaster USB Dongle


UIR-100 is a IR Blaster of USB2.0 interface, Using ARM 32bit Cortex-M0 processor, frequency of up to 48MHz, Integrated multi directional emission of infrared signals, super-strong infrared RF compatibility, fully meet your needs for intelligent equipment upgrade.Infrared remote control signal is highly sensitive, remote control signal receives quick response without forwarding delay. Control the infrared device at a distance of 15 meters, UIR-100 can be used to control multiple infrared devices with a single remote control, which can be widely used in PC peripherals, game consoles, digital TV sets, Internet of Things and most homes.

High Performance

Using the ARM 32bit Cortex-M0 processor, the plug-and-play USB2.0 interface, 5 directional emission angles, and more infrared transmitter retained interfaces. The shell designed for the infrared light transmittance reduces the infrared diffuse reflection, and has a good infrared signal emission effect.

Wide IR Control Range

Infrared control range up to 15 meters, suitable for most living rooms and bedrooms to meet the needs of most families, can also be used for Internet of Things, PC peripherals, etc., with a wider range of use.

Easy to Use

Fast deployment, high reliability, plug and play capabilities. UIR-100 connects to personal computers, smart gateways and Android devices. By learning the extended functions, the remote control function can be copied to mobile phones or smart terminals to control all infrared devices at home or in industry.


Fast transmission efficiency, supports all infrared control equipment, and supports 38KHz frequency signal learning, including air conditioning, TV, set-top boxes, infrared curtains, etc. UIR-100 is connected to smart gateway, which can turn your basic home equipment into smart device terminal anytime and anywhere, making life smarter and more convenient.


  • Small size of the USB IR Blaster.
  • Transmission distance is long, up to 15 meters.
  • Infrared remote control signal is sensitive, the remote control signal receives rapid response, forwarding without delay.
  • Strong anti-interference ability, ultra-low power consumption and strong compatibility.
  • Launch orientation, if putting multiple devices together, does not affect the remote control signal reception of other devices.
  • Support TV, air conditioning, fans, covering the infrared line of more than 95%.
  • New remote control features can be learned.

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