Wireless Sensor Data Collection System


Wireless Sensor Data Collection System

SBC32IM uses industry-leading energy efficiency Silicon Labs EFR32FG14, with low power consumption and super fast wake up. It is an industrial-grade wireless M-BUS I/O data acquisition and data transmission terminal, which can support the wireless M-BUS protocol, but also support the extension of other mainstream wireless protocols, For example: Z-Wave, ZigBee3.0, BLE5.0,LoRa terminal,LTE CAT1, etc. It is also compatible with traditional wired protocols M-BUS. It is the ideal choice for wired meter reading, wireless meter reading and sensor protocol forwarding solutions. It is widely used in industrial automation, factories and mines, electric power, water conservancy, environmental protection, agriculture, transportation, military industry, security and other fields

Performance Characteristics

Multiprocessor processor

Wireless M-BUS, wired M-BUS

Balanced power consumption

Industry-leading energy efficiency, super fast wake up speed


Rich interfaces can be supported ZigBee3.0 Z-WaveBLE5.0 LoRa terminal LTE cat RS232/485 M-Bus

No distance restriction

With 4G, there is no limit to the wireless transmission distance between two points.

Safety performance

Independent hardware encryption accelerator, true random number generation terminal, enhance the privacy of data transmission.

Automatic error correction

Strong error correction ability, can take the initiative to correct the interfered packet, greatly improve the transmission reliability.

High Scalability

Support 4G/LTE Internet access and data transmission functions; Support Geniatech defined compatible interface: GT-IoT interface
(support ZigBee3.0, Z-Wave7, LoRa terminal, BLE, etc.)
Compatible with several common module interfaces at home and abroad.

iot board Supports 4G/LTE, M-bus, zigbee, lora

Rich IO Acquisition Interface

Data acquisition function adopts standard M-BUS to configure, read and control IO module, which can be read by IO, M-BUS 232/485
serial port or by WM-BUS. And has rich read instructions and configuration functions, Collected data is transmitted via LTE.

Data acquisition tool

Industrial Grade Design with High Reliability

Balanced power consumption, industry-leading energy efficiency, super fast wake up speed 7~60V wide voltage design, -40~+85℃ wide temperature design;
Isolated RS232 or RS485 design, 15 kV ESD protection;Software and hardware watchdog, once found abnormal, the module will automatically restart within 1 second, and resume normal operation;

Industrial embedded board
wide voltage design
wide temperature design
auto hardware encryption

Application Scenarios

It is suitable for wired meter reading, wireless meter reading, sensor protocol forwarding, mine, oil well, water conservancy monitoring, intelligent agriculture,
intelligent transportation, intelligent factory, industrial control, building monitoring, medical industry, hotel and other industries.

Wireless iot Sensor

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