LoRa BLE Tracker


GTN8832 Lora BLE Tracker is a wireless remote positioning solution based on S78G + nRF52832 + GPS + MEMS + humiture design module, The GTN8832 Lora BLE Tracker uses the latest LoRaWAN 1.0.2 protocol and supportsLoRaWAN working mode, allowing users to conveniently link to the LoRaWAN network. it also content Bluetooth module. About parameter configuration, the user can use the source code to develop their own serial AT command, can also be set directly in the program. GTN8832 Lora BLE Tracker application in industrial scenarios can be very easy to use. Built-in 3D acceleration chip, you can detect the user’s motion status, determine the device is stationary. The device with the data visualization interface provided by the Cayenne platform, allowing users to easily know their own trajectory. View your location in real time.

Product Specification

  • Device size
  • 48mm*32*20mm
  • Power Supply
  • 3.7V
  • Hardware Interface
  • Support UART, I2Cinterface
  • Battery
  • 500mAh (To be ordered individually)
  • Antenna Type
  • ANT
  • Antenna Type
  • ANT
  • Power consumption
  • BAT
  • Operation temperature
  • -25℃ ~ +85℃
  • Working environment
  • Industrial scenarios
  • Equipped with module
  • S78G+nRF52832+GPS
  • LoRaWAN Version
  • V1.0.2
  • Bluetooth Version
  • Support V6.0
  • Network Activation way
  • ABP and OTAA
  • Open source code
  • Yes
  • Open source code
  • Yes
  • Charging interface
  • DC interface
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