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Are you looking for a hassle-free, plug-and-play digital signage solution that does not require significant budget approvals or an engineering degree to install? If so, you have come to the right place because Geniatech offers the most simple-to-use and reliable digital signage media players on the market today.

Android digital signage media player can be used in any public display

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Airport terminals
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Hotel lobbies
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outdoor digital signage
digital wayfinding signage
Shopping mall
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Why Geniatech can provide better Android Signage Players

android digital signage
Ease of Development

Bases on AOSP Android, with CTS testing in our own lab, we can provide you a fully ready-to-use Android device.

digital signage hardware

AOSP Android can be customized by Geniatech to enhence security, disable APK installed via SD/USB.

digital signage installation

Both the hardware and kernel/driver/media framework are designed for 24 x 7 applications, even certain model has watch-dog-timer (WDT).

cloud-server digital signage
Cost Effective

Compared to the X86 based media player, our Android digital signage player is less than half price, which is a significant advantage for entry level projects.

digital signage business

For video decoding, our top level Android signage player can playback 4K MPEG4 video without using CPU, and fully HTML 5 compatible

digital signage content management system
Longevity and Full Lineup Models

We keep the seamless transfer from one SOC to another, or from old Android versoin to another. Customer can keep the same API/APP when platofrm transfering is being done.

The underlying development capability that we are proud of

With many years Android development experiences, Strong system undelying development capability, tthat brings quick response to customer and personalized product customization.

digital signage manufacturers
digital signage support
android digital signage player

Stability is the Key

Hardware Stability

All our hardware is designed to work 24hours per day, 7 days per week.
Can withstand harsh working enviroment and customizable to fit your needs.
With Fan-less heat sink and robust case for industrial use.

Software Stability

Optimized Android AOSP system, fully customizable.
We provide bug fix, updates and troubleshooting services.
We can also provide API/SDK for your own development.

Technologies we can provide for digital signage player

interactive digital signage

Various SOC Platform

What we can do for digital signage

Products for Digital Signage

– Android media player
– Android HDMI stick
– Android touch screen
– Android scaler board
– Android OPS module

Special API built for signage

We created more than 20 kinds of APIs with SDK support, like CEC, IR blaster, RS232, hiding status bar, turn on/off wifi/ethernet, HDMI input handling, TV tuner handling, switch off display, control the CPU speed, etc.

>> Learn more API from Geniatech


– Support for the latest Android releases.
– Full kernel and driver level support.
– Easily adaptable to multiple projects without in-depth re-coding

In addition, we can custom-develop personalization as your demand !

digital signage media player
android media player for digital signage

Digital content that can be displayed

You can add any contents you want on the screen, including videos, pictures, words, weather, website, time, to any where on the screen as you like.
You can easily edit the content through a PC or with a smart phone.

Product Catagories

Digital Signage Tablet

Standalone Digital Signage Interactive Displays with different size and touchscreen

Digital Signage Media Player

Android Based Digital Signage Player with lots of options and easy to configure

Developer Board

Developer Board for easy customization and expansion

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