ATV195X S905X 4K Quad Core Stick

4K HDMI Dongle


The ATV195X is a 4K Dongle that is easy to use and can be plugged and played on HDMI TVs.

Easy to use, small size

Low power consumption

strong performance

Support personalized customization

Easy to use and small size

  • • MicroSD card support
  • • Direct plug HDMI Out male, Plug and Play
  • • IR external extension interface

High performance 

Super fast speed, high reliability, low energy consumption (power consumption is only 0.2W when standby)

* The power consumption results were tested by Geniatech Lab

Excellent heat dissipation performance

Built-in double-sided honeycomb fan heat hole design, and the metal shell in line with the thermodynamic principle, more powerful for heat dissipation.

Dual-band WiFi

At present, there are more devices in 2.4G frequency band, and the environmental interference is greater.5G channels are cleaner and faster,
5G uses less power to transmit the same amount of data, so dual-band WiFi gives users more options and a better experience.

Multiple networking methods

In addition to WiFi networking, it can also be connected with an external USB to Ethernet adapter, plug in the network cable can be normal Internet access

Support personalized customization

Hardware configuration optional: CPU(Dolby)/memory/
storage /WiFi+ Bluetooth/shell screen printing

Provide secondary development of SDK;

Customize MDM;

Customize APP


Application scenarios

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