DAB/DAB+ Module

DAB/DAB+ Digital radio receiver module


Geniatech MI2270 module is a digital radio DAB/DAB+ receiving module, using USB interface & 3.3V power supply, no extra peripheral circuits are needed, It is easy to be added to your system. MI2270 can be added to vehicle navigation system, vehicle multimedia player, smart Android devices and portable devices.


Ultra-Small Size, Easy to Add to Your Device


Convenient USB interface, No Peripheral Circuits Needed

Free Android APK available, Easy to Use

Technical Specifications

  • • DAB/DAB+ receiver module
  • • The frequency range of DAB band III: 174.0MHz-239.0MHz
  • • Channel Difference: +/-3dB
  • • Support RDS function.
  • • Support of DLS (Dynamic Label Service) and SS (Slide Service)
    on DAB and DAB+ channels
  • • Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • • Channel Separation: 55dB
  • • Support auto local searching.
  • • support channel list
  • • Signal strength display

Product Characteristics

  • • Compliance with ETSIEN300 401 (EUREKA-147) standard
  • • Ultra-low power DAB/DAB+reception, maximum power consumption as low as 60mA
  • • DAB/DAB+Receiving Sensitivity up to -98dBm
  • • Ultra-Small Size, Easy to Add to your device
  • • Internal USB 6 wire interface

APK Features

  • • Radio Signal Display
  • • Radio Station Display
  • • Full-Band Automatic Search Channels
  • • Favorite Radio Collection
  • • Programme Type selection
  • • Scrolling Station Information Display
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