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Geniatech is a leading manufacturer of OTT IPTV android box. The output resolution of our IPTV OTT Box ranges from quad core 1080P / 4K to octa core 8K. We offer the innovative live TV, Video-On-Demand and IPTV OTT STB solutions for Hospitality, Healthcare, Residential Care and so on.

Android appears on many embedded systems

Android is available as the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which can be used on many ARM controllers. You can use this AOSP to build low cost embedded projects.

#1 Intuitive GUI for the embedded device

Touch screens have become a requirement for many embedded devices with displays. Android has a GUI framework, Touch framework, gestures, etc built just for it.

#2 Camera, WiFi, Bluetooth & more

Application programmers without much knowledge about the system can still use the standard Android SDK and use the Camera API to create camera-based applications. The same is true with Wifi, BT and more. Using Android simplifies the process of accessing hardware and systems, which is attractive to those who want to develop applications faster.

#3 Support from vendors

Right from SOCs, WiFi, BT to LCD - vendors support their hardware in Android by providing drivers, BSP, etc. This makes it easy for you to develop hardware devices.

#4 Quick Prototyping

The USB interface of Android devices supports serial ports, cameras, etc., so that a prototype can be quickly built.We use Android devices as the system for the major processing and as the HMI (Human Machine Interface).