IoT Z-Wave USB Dongle


UZW100 is a USB2.0 interface Z-Wave Stick, uses Silicon Labs Z-Wave 700 SiP ZGM130S module, ARM 32bit Cortex-M4 architecture with DSP instructions and floating point units for efficient signal processing. Combined with Geniatech’s gateway, intelligent controller and industrial PC, it is more suitable for practical applications.true random number generator general CRC, two hardware encryption accelerators enable data security applications, ideal solution for energy-saving smart home control applications such as motion sensor, door and window sensor, access control, home appliance control, building automation, energy management, lighting and security network in the Internet of things.

High Performance

ARM 32bit Cortex-M processor, with low-power Gecko technology with innovative low-power, fast wake-up time and energy-saving modes, enables both efficient signal processing and reduced energy efficiency, plug-and-play USB2.0 interface.

Stable and Reliable Wireless Networking

High-performance Z-Wave pass-through modules, with transmission power up to 13dBm and reception sensitivity of -97dbm guarantee the module’s ultra-long communication distance, coverage of a wide area, enough stability and reliability to ensure the normal operation of any connected device.

Easy To Use, Remote Control

Simple and quick deployment, USB2.0 interface, plug and play functionality. Connecting to industrial PC, Smart Gateway, and internet of things system devices, you can add equipment, device reset, third-party control, and group control, or transfer remote control functions to a mobile phone or smart terminal to control home Z-Wave devices or industrial Z-Wave devices. To meet the needs of smart applications.

Wide Compatibility

Using applications on an open source automated platform, make UZW100 a Z-Wave smart product gateway center, managing various kinds of terminal devices from different brands, expanding the scope of network applications, and also allowing you to customize your system to your personal and security needs.

High Safety

General CRC true random number generator (TRNG), 128/256-bit AES SHA-1/ECC/SHA-22/SHA-256 hardware encryption accelerator to ensure network data security.

Rich Application Scenarios

Smart Home, safety, lighting, health and healthcare, measurement, building automation.


  • ARM Cortex-M4 processor with DSP instructions and floating point unit for efficient signal processing.
  • Innovating the low-power consumption Gecko technology is conducive to reducing the overall power consumption in terms of rapid wake-up time and energy-saving mode.
  • Two hardware encryption Accelerators, Universal CRC True Random Number Generator (TRNG).
  • Z-Wave protocol that guarantees wireless two-way communication.
  • Higher RF output power, up to 13dBm, higher receiver performance, and reception sensitivity of up to-97dBm.
  • Support for multi-channel work with higher data rate (9.6 / 40 / 100kbps).
  • USB2.0 Full Speed Controller.
  • Support for the Z-Wave 868MHz / 915MHz frequency.
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