ZigBee USB Dongle

ZigBee USB Dongle


The nRF52840 SoC supports coexisting Thread protocol operation, Bluetooth Mesh, ZigBee,and has an on-chip Arm CryptoCell encryption subsystem.
It can be ideally used in smart homes and industries, and can be widely used in advanced wearable devices,
virtual and augmented reality,high Performance HID controller, smart home and industrial and IoT devices.

ZigBee technology is a bidirectional wireless communication technology with close range, low complexity, low power consumption,low speed and low cost. It is mainly used for data transmission between various electronic devices with short distance, low power consumption and low transmission rate, as well as typical applications with periodic data,intermittent data and low response time data transmission.

The UZB100 developed and produced by Geniatech is an ideal solution for energy-saving smart home control applications. It is especially suitable for modular products, including advanced wearable applications for payment and medical purposes, as well as industrial sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT) device performance combinations . It can be matched with Geniatech’s other products, such as gateways, TV set-top boxes and routers, which are closer to real life and suitable for practical applications.

Compatibility and ecology

The Zigbee alliance already has more than 160 internationally renowned companies in the field of smart homes.


128-bit AES CCM
ARM CryptoCell

Rich Applications

– Smart home
– Wearable application
– Industrial sensor
– Beacon


Bluetooth 5
Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth mesh
ANT, 802.15.4, Thread, Zigbee

Supported system

– Debian&openWRT(Linux)
– Android


– USB Dongle
– Module(Support Geniatech products built – in)


Customizable hardware interface functions; board functions;
Structure of the custom.

Enterprise service

Provide comprehensive quality assurance, after-sales service and technical support

Product Specification

  • MCU
  • 64 MHz 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU
  • RAM
  • 256 KB
  • ROM
  • 1 MB Flash
  • GPIO
  • x 32(Preserve)
  • USB interface type
  • Type-A USB
  • Key
  • 1 (programmable)
  • Indicater
  • 1 (programmable)
  • Sensitivity
  • -95 dBm
  • PA
  • Suppor
12-bit ADC
USB 2.0
Radio current consumption
TX Power at +8 dBm 14.8 μA
TX Power at +4 dBm 9.6 μA
TX Power at 0 dBm 4.8 μA
RX at 1 Mbps 4.6 μA
RX at 2 Mbps 5.2 μA
System current consumption
In system OFF,no RAM retention 0.4 μA
In system OFF,full RAM retention 1.86 μA
In system ON,no RAM retention 0.97 μA
In system ON,full RAM retention 2.35 μA
In system ON,full RAM retention 3.16 μA
Mechanical dimensions
Size (cm) 42*16mm
Net Weight (g) 10
Power DC: 1.7V~+5.5V
Wide working range -40 °C ~ 85 °C
RoHS and Reach compliant
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