LoRa USB Dongle


This module is designed around the Sentrius™ SX1301 digital baseband chip with an integrated LoRa concentrator IP, which is designed to perform high performance gateway function in the ISM band. The RF front-end consists of two of the SX1257, high performance digital I and Q modulator/demodulator transceiver chips.The SX1257 is designed to operate over the frequency band of 862–960 MHz to cover the Europe and North American markets. The RF front-end is terminated with standard U.FL connector. The board form factor and connector pinout are designed to conform to M2.COM specifications. The card requires a single 5-volt supply and it generates its power supply requirements on-board. Standard SPI communication, reset, and power supply to the board are provided through a 75-position host interface connector.

Product Specification

  • Optimized RF performance
  • Improved performance over temperature and frequency
  • Superior TX performance
  • Up to +28 dBm
  • Standardized interface
  • M2 connector with compliance to M2.COM standard E-type key.
  • Comprehensive certifications
  • FCC, IC, CE
Smart metering
Security and remote sensing
Agricultural monitoring
Internet of things (IoT)
M2M applications
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