Android STB

Geniatech provides a full range of STB products in the international market, divided into three types based on Linux OS, AOSP OS, and Android TV OS.
as well as provides a wide range of competitive DVB STBs, including Cable, Terrestrial and Satellite types.

Geniatech STBs, supporting both wired and wireless access, provide the wireless routing extension function and the home network coverage solution. The STBs support multi-screen interactive protocols such as DLNA and various remote control modes such as infrared, bluetooth and voice control.

In addition, Geniatech STB support 4G-LTE , HDMI-IN, UDP multicast, RTP, HTPP HLS, Dash, Smooth streaming etc, as well as support international popular and key DRM such as Verimatrix, Playready, Widewive, and Pro:idiom which can meet almost encrypted content provider.

Geniatech works with many mainstream chipsets

Geniatech not only provide HD entertainment with plenty of excellent functions, but also provide Development Board, SDK/API, driver
for secondary development and help them to complete the end to end solution in efficient way and in shortest time.

We already support install Linux OS on our media player based on the following SoC

Geniatech takes into consideration some of industrial customers are still keen on platform with Linux OS because they already had completed and stable Linux software, in order to meet customers interests, we designed cost-effecitve ARM Player These players can install Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux and the other feature as well.

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