IoT Gateway

Pure Linux compact size wall plug gateway


GTW350 is Geniatech’s newest Mini size multi-function Smart Home Gateway. Due to its highly integrated wireless communication design capability, even small size, it integrates ZigBee and Wi-Fi, and also supports external RF module through USB.The beautiful compact appearance and wall mount design are for “easy to carry” and “plug and play”.Just connect GTW350 to your home router through Wi-Fi or use the expantion ports network, users can easily build their own smart home network without hard configuration, applicable to any inexperienced users.GTW350 can flexibly integrate various wireless communication protocols. Based on customers’ requirements, GTW350 can integrate all the possible combinations among ZigBee, Zwave, BLE, LoRa and Wi-Fi to realize remote data acquisition and remote control functions.Using industrial grade wireless technology and highest level encryption to ensure your smart home network security.GTW350 is reliable all day and capable of high real-time performance.


Popular Connectivity

Support different popular connectivity including ZigBee, Wi-Fi, 3G, can add new RF module through USB port.

RF Module Expandable

Support external RF module like Zwave, BLE, LoRa through USB port

Easy to Use, Easy to Setup

Connect to your home network using Wi-Fi, or 3G to internet, you can easily remote control your home smart device.

High Security Standard

Using Industrial grade wireless technology and Highest Level Encryption to ensure your smart home network security.

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