APC3399 Embedded Mini PC

ARM Industrial PC


RK3399 ARM Industrial PC

APC3399 is a low power consumption, high performance processor, rich interface can meet a variety of customer needs

Intelligent Performance

CPU adopts RK3399(ARM Cortex-A72) size core architecture, six-core ARM-A72+ four-core ARM-A53 main frequency 2.0GHz core configuration, while using 4G LPDDR4(1G/2G) memory, built-in 8G(16G-64G optional) storage, the ultimate performance makes the product with a sense of fluency and more possibilities.


Six-core ARM-A72
four-core ARM-53

Main frequency 2.0Hz



Internal memory


EMMC Flash

Internal storage


The APC3399 includes an HDMI input port to which you can connect another media device and view it as a picture in a picture or in full screen without having to connect the device to your TV

RK3399 ARM Industrial Computer

Support the same screen different display

Open the PIP APP in the system, you can support picture in picture, to meet your various needs for display screen

Support POE power supply

Stable performance, equipment installation position does not need to consider the power cord, socket position

Remote Device Management System (MDM)

Support remote diagnosis of problems, remote control of online equipment.Support for remote management of content distribution, application deployment, and service push


Support 4K VP9 and 4K 10bits H265/H264 video decoding, while HDR provides a higher brightness range, more colors and better detail display


Line in and line out can be supported

The Line In interface is typically connected to the Line Out interface of the other device.Can be used to output the analog signal processed by the sound card on the other end of the device to the motherboard device

Support APP customization, SDK secondary development, to give you more options

ARM Mini PC with SDK APP

Application scenarios

It can be applied to intelligent education, POS solution, KTV solution, remote intelligent display system solution, smart home solution, digital signage solution, etc.

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