Geniatech M3 Android 4.0 20121208 Upgrading Instruction

Geniatech M3 Android 4.0 20121208 Upgrading Instruction

Dec.18,2012   |   Ken

Online upgrading:
1. If your box is working with last 20120827 released firmware version, and the Automatic update option is selected by default in Upgrade app, once the network is connected, the system will detect and download a patch file automatically. There is a downloading icon in the right corner of the screen. Once finished, it will remind you to upgrade now or not. Click Yes and the box will restart after upgrading.
Then, box will detect and download 20121208 firmware file, click Yes to upgrade when finished downloading.
If the current firmware version is newer than 20120920 testing version, it will detect and download 20121208 firmware file directly, no need patch.

2. If the Automatic update option is not selected in your Upgrade app, choose and restart the box, it will download new firmware to upgrade once the network is connected.
Note: Please don’t power off the box while upgrading.
You can download online PDF file upgrading instruction or follow the steps as bellow.
Local upgrading:
If you want to upgrade the firmware with external TF/SD card or USB disk, please do as below:

Download above files without decompression, copy them into TF/SD card or USB disk and connect to the box, run Upgrade app, select Local upgrade, you will find the files in the list, select to upgrade first, after finished, it will restart the box. And then, do the same steps to select to upgrade firmware.

If you have Geniatech’s external USB digital TV dongle (DVBT TV dongle T119, DMBTH TV dongle D690, DVBT/T2 TV dongle T220, ISDBT TV dongle S880I), download and install below Geniatech’s HiDTV app to watch TV programs.
If your box is ATV1100BT, ATV1100BS, please download and install below DVBplayer app to watch TV programs.
Fixed problems based on last 20120827 released firmware.
1. M3 20121208 firmware support all M3 boxes and dongles of Geniatech. Includes ATV100 (1G RAM). ATV101, ATV310B, ATV510B, ATV1100BT, ATV1100BS and ATV3000B.
2. Wi-Fi is still working after being woke up from standby mode.
3. Fixed the box wakes up from standby mode automatically.
4. Fixed 480i resolution display problem after waking up from standby mode.
5. Sata HDD can be found successfully on Geniatech ATV3000B and ATV4000BT.
6. Fixed Google Chrome unexpectedly stopped problem
7. Default Browser will not exit automatically when you open several websites (10 or more).
8. Fixed PPS unfortunately stopped error while exit PPS app.
9. Added volume +&- icons in the lower left corner of the screen.
10. Pre-loaded Geniatech DLNA ( MediaCenter) app. You can install the other DLNA app (such as iMediashare ) on android phone/tablet to share files between android phone/tablet and box.
11. Added AirPlay function. Push local & online Video, Music and Picture from IOS devices (such as iPad, iPhone) to play on Geniatech box.
12. You can locate your current position with Google Maps when Wi-Fi network is working.
13. Support live streaming playback.
14. Fixed slowly channel switched problem of m3u8.
15. Choose 24-hour format in Setting->Date & time, the time and data will not overlap in notification bar.
16. Support VPN.
17. Support external USB 2.0 Bluetooth dongle.
18. Support Skype video and audio call with external USB camera, confirmed Logitech c270, c370, c510, c200. If the VID PID of your camera is VID_0c45, PID_62f1, or VID_046D, PID_0825(Connect USB camera to PC, open Device Manager, find and double click the device, choose Hardware id), it should be supported on Geniatech box.
19. Support KR300FM remote control ( Audio input works ok, we are still working on audio output ) of Geanitech. You can enjoy audio call with KR300FM on Skype.
20. Enjoy 3G network when you connect external 3G dongle to Geniatech box, below 3G dongles should be supported, we tested and confirmed several models, such as ZTE MF110, Huawei EC 1261. If you have other models, you can have a try.


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