Geniatech M1 Android 4.0 20120730 Upgrading Instruction

Geniatech M1 Android 4.0 20120730 Upgrading Instruction

Aug.20,2012   |   Ken

Here is the firmware for Geniatech M1 models, such as ATV1000, ATV300/310/320,ATV500/510, ATV3000 and so on

Here is HiDTV application for watching TV programs on ATV2000 (GeniatechT119 DVBT and D689 DMBTH dongle), ATV1100S and ATV4000 (DVBT version only)

Here is the firmware for ATV1100T model which built-in DVB player application.

Download the file and don’t unzip, rename to update.img, all are small characters.
And, please check you did not hide the extension name of the file on PC.
1. If you are using android 2.3(as long as the Uboot number is 20111102 or later version in setting->about device), please copy the file into SD card (only) and insert to the box. Then, go to setting->privacy->update system to update firmware directly, the box will restart automatically after finished.
2. If your box is working with previous android 4.0 version, please copy the file into SD card or USB disk and connect to the box, then run Upgrade app (there is an Upgrade app icon on 4.0), select update.img file in local update option to upgrade.
3. If you want to degrade to android 2.3, copy android 2.3 firmware (the latest version is 20120606) file into SD card, and do the same operating steps as above.

Fixed problems based on Android 4.0 20120529 version.
1. Added regional setting of Google play store in setting->Developer options->Play Store setting.
2. CVBS output support.
3. DVBT(Geniatech T119 USB DVBT dongle and built in DVBT) and DVBS(Geniateh DVBS model) support.
4. Install some apps by default, such as Youtube, Skype, MSN and so on.
5. Added USB cameras support (confirmed Logitech c270,c370,c510 and c200, not sure all USB cameras can be supported).

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