EasyOTT is a middleware platform designed by Geniatech to organize OTT and IPTV video services efficiently. The key feature of EasyOTT is the ability to quickly run a service with minimum initial investment and effort. You can easily build your own OTT/IPTV video service and distribute to end user.

MDM – Mobile Device Management

Geniatech MDM can help operators, hotel managements, content portals and developers to control the STBs in the field remotely. By controlling and protecting the data and configuration settings of all STBs in a network, MDM can reduce support costs and business risks.

CMS – Content Management System

Content Management System is an advertisement system for Geniatech’s advertisement product. You can easily create advertisement of your choice and display on the screen in any size and position. Support display of Text, Picture, Video and URL address. If you have multiple device, you can even choose to deploy the advertisement to a single device, specific group or all devices at once.

SDK for HDMI Input

HDMI input SDK allows you to develpe your own application with HDMI input source. Futures including Picutre-in Picture, Video Recording, CEC control, Multiple Display up to 4 different input sources.
Please note: Different hardware supports different functions & HDCP type
Support: APC3399, APC1967, APC390R, ATV1660K, ATV390, ATV1815H, ATV168

SDK for DTV Player

Develop DTVPlayer using Amlogic platform, support different system versions of Android 4.4 ~ android 9.0, playback system includes ATSC, ClearQAM (Proidoim), DVBT/T2, DVBC, DVBS2, ISDBT, DMBTH
basic skills:
1, search channel: according to different countries or regions prefabricated frequency point list search, you can also pre-made search data
2, play: can play different video formats of mainstream ts
3, subtitles: support different language subtitles (DVBT: Subtitle, ATSC: CC) and TTX display
5, audio track: multi-language sound playback switch
4. EPG: Support 7-day EPG display (play time, program title, program details), and schedule recording according to the program.
5, parental control: parental control can play channels, ATSC hierarchical management control
6, video: can reserve program video, real-time video, timed video (any time in the future)
7, time shift
8, PIP: Currently android9.0 support

IPTV & DTV Player SDK for Rockchip chipset

Geniatech RK IPTV Player and RK DTV Player are optimaized for Rockchip chipset.
RK IPTV Player supports UDP, Multicast, Subtitle, Close Caption, Audio Track functions.
RK DTV Player supports Search for DTV channels including ATSC, ClearQAM, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, DVB-C, EPG, Schedule Recording, Parent Control and Timeshift functions.
If you want to develop your own IPTV or DTV application, using Geniatech RK IPTV Player SDK or RK DTV Player SDK can greatly reduce your development time.