IoT Terminal MuSeOn 1.1

MuSeON features sensors from Bosch Sensortec for air quality, humidity, pressure and temperature together with a 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer and a 6-axis inertial measurement unit. This allows for recognition of the wearer’s activity, together with indoor navigation and positioning. There is an ambient light sensor with wide operating range and an omnidirectional, stereo digital microphone. MuSeON has a dual RFID interface and is housed in an IP65-rated case. Arrow, Geniatech and ON Semiconductor designed the multi-sensor device and its firmware. Arrow also supplies the industrial gateways based on the Geniatech IoT Developer Board 4 and is instrumental in the integration with the IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and Siemens MindSphere cloud platforms. Combining the powerful data analytic capabilities of these platforms with the high quality sensor data and long battery life of MuSeON creates a highly effective solution for remotely monitoring and protecting workers with minimal user burden.

ON Semiconductor RSL10

RSL10 System−In−Package (RSL10 SIP) is a complete solution that provides the easiest way to integrate the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth low energy technology into a wireless application.

The RSL10 SIP features an on−board antenna, RSL10 radio SoC, and all necessary passive components in one package to help minimize overall system size. Already fully qualified to FCC, CE, and other regulatory standards; RSL10 SIP removes the need for additional antenna design considerations or RF certifications.

Firmware Update

Firmware upgrade is safe and reliable, which is beneficial to the end user upgrade experience.

Display Environmental Data in Real Time

which can display and report the values of the environment (such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, noise, concentration of harmful gas, etc.) in real time to prompt the workers (the mobile phone APP bound by the workers themselves) or the background managers (background data uploaded by the gateway) to avoid safety risks.

Application Scenario

MuSeOn 1.1 is fit for Industrial level monitoring, data acquisition and system control.

  • External Referral Solutions with Integration Partner
  • Arrow (Solution Brief)
  • IBM Watson IoT
  • Siemens Mindphere
  • MSFT Azure
  • Greenwave Predict
  • ALI Cloud

High Security Standard

Using Industrial grade wireless technology and Highest Level Encryption to ensure the network security

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