CMS Digital Signage Software

Geniatech CMS Digital Signage Software is a large-scale multimedia
broadcast control system based on the Internet.
It integrates functions such as program editing, media distribution, program broadcasting, system management
and remote monitoring.

The Server manages the entire network of digital signage system.
The main responsibilities are:

  • A bridge between the console and the player
  • Console and player status management center.
  • The storage and distribution center for media resources.
  • The management center of the user account.
  • Server, player and console update center

The Console is the management control software that can
be installed on a computer such as a desktop computer or
a notebook computer with a Windows operating system.
The main responsibilities are:

  • Edit the content of the program to be used for playback on the display
  • Send edited program content and program plan to the player side
  • Control the entire digital signage system, including servers and players
  • Monitor the status of the entire system, includingthe status of the server
    and player

The Player is the android media box/TV to
display the content.
The main responsibilities are:

  • Receive the program content and program schedule sent by theconsole
  • Playback the program content according to the program schedule.
  • Return the device status to the server and console.

System work process:

  • Edit the program on the console. The program consists of program
    plans and program content.
  • Upload the edited program to the server.
  • The server saves the program.
  • The server sends the program to the specified player.
  • The player plays the program after receiving the program.
  • The player sends the current status to the server.
  • The server sends the status to the console.

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